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Blackmoor Quest a Resounding Success
>>> Felucca Facet News <<<Several of us, many strangers to each other, met Monday evening at the Chamber of Virtue in Britain. Although we knew not each other well, we did have one common goal which brought us together, that being to assist Lord Arrion Wellington in his quest to Dungeon Deceit. We had no concrete reason at that time for being there, but all of us wished to assist the Crown in any way possible, and Lord Arrion was our medium to do so.

Small talk passed between these adventurers while we waited for the others to appear. At one point during our conversation, Natalya Alorien, a bard, feared that her life would be in danger as she was neither skilled in the ways of battle nor the arcane art of magery. Lord Arrion reassured her, and us as well, that we would all be safe. Lord Arrion is an extremely confident healer, and he told us such. I knew this to be fact, I must say, for once, not too long ago, the good Lord Arrion used his great skill to ressurect me when I had fallen at the hands of ClanKiller. Truely, we were in good hands.

While we waited for Lord Grant of Rivendell and others to arrive, Lord Arrion handed out silver weapons and magic shields, a generous donation by one named Mango who was not present for us to thank him, to those in need.

Our party swiftly grew. When the last of us had arrived at the Chamber of Virtue, Lord Arrion discussed further our purpose for this evening. To Dungeon Deceit we were to go, from top to bottom, searching for that rare reagent blackmoor. An associate of Lord Arrion was conducting an experiment that would use the blackmoor to harden armor, and was in dire need of 10 or more extremely fresh samples of blackmoor to complete the study.

Gates were summoned that would take us inside the first level of this dank dungeon. Once there, we regrouped and set off for the deepest bowls of this evil pit known best as Deciet. Azeroth, who was quite schooled in this dungeon, acted as scout. He notified us of the location of murderers and the evil monsters that lurked in the depths.

Our passage through level one and most of level two was quite uneventful. Our expectations were running high, for this place is well known for its vile confrontations. It was when we arrived in the room with the teleporter to level three that a great battle ensued. We found ourselves swiftly surrounded by a great number of Skeleton and Bone Knights. For those of you who are unfamiliar with these great bundles of bones, they are quite skilled in combat, and several brave adventurers who had come to this location prior to our arrival, well, let us just say that their corspes were testimony to these evil knights and their skill.

I am proud to say that for the most part our party escaped and won this great battle unscathed. It was quite an honor to see so many strangers united in battle, assisting those in need with magery, a bandage or three, or great melee skills. A proud testiment to the kindness of the people of Britannia was being displayed this evening in the deepest bowls of this cold, arctic island.

Level three was also uneventful. A few straggling liches were all that we ran into, and with great ease we dispatched them.

Moving to level four of Deceit, we found ourselves in the presence of a Poison Elemental, trapped near the entrance of this level in a deep pit. These vile beings are even worse than Skeleton Knights, and many of the bravest adventurers in the lands either die by them or run swiftly away. But not our party. We were not
to be digressed. We had a goal. And nothing, not even this green creature would get in our way. It is with great pride an honor that we can all say we quickly dispatched this being.

We took the passageway in the eastern part of this great room and found ourselves in front of a wall. Being that this is Deceit, we knew that there was a secret passageway beyond that wall, and with relative ease we found the concealed door. Following it's route, we found ourselves in this large, sunken room filled with overturned caskets. We had arrived at our destination: the Lich Lord room. Vile monsters of the upmost sort. Skilled in magery and fierce in battle, these monsters, like the Poison Elemental before it, was a vicious killer. There were those of us among us who have never seen the likes of this creature, those among us who were quite skilled in doing battle with them, and those among us who simply didn't care. Retrieving the blackmoor was our topmost concern, and quickly we entered battle with these creatures who's precious cargo would help fulfill our goal.

It is hard, kind reader, to go into detail about the battle that ensued. Several Lich Lords and Liches attacked our party, which had naturally broken up into smaller groups. Lord Arrion, it should be stated, did not sit high on the parapets watching us do the work for him. He, astride his great white horse, was there in the thick of things, swinging his great golden halberd at any vile creature that came in his path, assisting those in need. On this night, the great Lord was no different than the rest of us, and we all felt a kinship with this great man who took great injuries to protect and battle with these Liche Lords.

A few in our group, and members of other parties as well, had fallen to these beasts. Many, including Lord Arrion, revived and healed the fallen. But our ranks were never disrupted, and our pride never faltered as we were successful time and time again against these beasts and their bretheren.

After four or five of the Lich Lords were slain, silence decended upon the room. Only the occassional Lich was to be seen. Lord Arrion joked that we had scared the Lich Lords into hiding, and they were so scared that they sent their weaker counterparts to battle us as they regrouped. Natalya even entertained us with
music as we waited for the next beast to appear.

But we were nowhere near our intended goal. We were quite sort of the blackmoor we needed for Arrion's friend's experiment. One in our group volunteered to venture in other parts of the dungeon to see if perhaps a lich lord was hiding elsewhere. One indeed was found, hiding were we had slayed our Poison Elemental
not too long before. Lord Arrion himself jumped into the pit and heroically slayed this lone creature.

Closer to our goal, we returned to the Lich Lord room. It did not take long before victory was ours and more than enough blackmoor was retrieved. As we departed the room and made our way out of the room we spotted several murderers in the vicinity. Due to our shear size they chose not to attack us at that time, and we safely made our way to level three without incident. It was there in level three that our group once again encountered these murderers, who struck up a brief conversation with Lord Arrion as we battled the few liches who had attacked us. The liches dispatched, we made our way to level two. Only a few Skeleton and Bone Knights were to be found.

It was when we made our way to a series of small rooms that made up a passageway when I heard that our band had been attacked by those foul murderers from earlier. Pushing my way through the crowd, I came too late as Silas La'Dvien of Trinsic, a member of the controversial La'Dvien family branch of the Eagle Guards, had fallen at the hands of a murderer.

It was decided that we were to quickly depart this evil whole in the ground. At this point our party got seperated. Some found themselves in Yew, others in
Britain. But eventually those who could made their way back to the Chamber of Virtue in Britain, where Arrion regaled our group and awarded us with marvelous blue
shields crafted by Grant.

It is with great honor that I write this tale. Not only were we successful in retrieving the much sought after blackmoor, but proved that the community could ban
together to fight for a common cause. For that evening, evil was dispelled and Britannia heroic.

Until next time, kind readers, be well and safe, and may the Virtues guide thee.

For another account of the events as they unfolded, please point your browsers to Natalya Alorien's Chronicles.

Special thanks to Amber for the picture.

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Interview: Lord Arrion Wellington of the House Wellington
>>> Felucca Facet News <<<Lord Arrion Wellington and I sat in the veranda behind the sprawling Wellington Mansion. Above, trees filtered the bright light of the day, and birds sang sweet songs of yore. It was here on this peaceful Magincia afternoon I took the opportunity to speak with Lord Arrion about his upcoming birthday, his family, the recent desecration of the Chamber of Virtue, and the mysterious appearances of his great-grandfather Gaius' spirit, whose bust was in the parlor just a few feet away from us.

Beans: On Saturday you're turning 20. How does it feel to reach that milestone?

Arrion Wellington: Well for some time many have pegged me as the boy in a mans clothing... I hope that with me coming out of my teen years many will see me more worthy of my position.

Beans: Is this a perception of your family or your peers? Many whom I know admire your courage, strength, and virtuous life.

Arrion Wellington: *laughs* Well I think it was Lady Amanda Wolfe who first coined the phrase. And I have no family to speak of anymore.

Beans: You're the last of the Wellington's?

Arrion Wellington: Well, Hopefully not the last. I am quite the bachelor. But right now I am the only one will Wellington blood still in his veins.

Beans: Tell us what happened to the other Wellington's.

Arrion Wellington: Well, most of the people in the family have had only 1 son, save my grandfather who had two. Gaius died long ago, Galt his son died with two sons, Simeon and Argus, Simeon my father. Well, my mother died at childbirth, and my father was never the same. He killed himself when I was 10

Beans: That must have been heartbreaking as a child. What happened to you after your father passed away?

Arrion Wellington: I was put in the care of my Uncle Argus, Not to speak ill of the dead... but Argus was a cold and abusive man, both in family life and on the battle fields. I joined the fighter's guild at his request... mostly to escape him.

Beans: And you're the exact opposite. And a healer.

Arrion Wellington: Aye, I was injured in a bar fight with my master as a squire. I was taken to the healer just around the corner, and was taken in by the healer guildmaster. I spent 7 years there until they couldn't teach me anymore.

Beans: You are also a keeper of the Chamber of Virtue. I understand the House of Wellington has a deep history at both the Chamber and Britain.

Arrion Wellington: Aye, My great grandfather Gaius was given charge over the chamber a good 120 years ago. The title has thus been passed down to the eldest son from there.

Beans: Unfortunately the Chamber was the site of a rather vicious attack recently.

Arrion Wellington: *frowns* Aye. The Shadow has decided to personally include me in his fighting and bickering.... So I will have to take steps to defend both the chamber and Shrines from him.

Beans: You made a very valid point... you can destroy the shrines, slay all in Britannia, yet the Virtues will live on.

Arrion Wellington: Yes, the virtues are a pattern of life... An Idea or philosophy... They are not a slab of stone and marble. It is easy to destroy a brick; it is much harder to destroy hope and the ideologies of the righteous. He will fail; I have no doubt of it.

Beans: There would be some who say that mayhaps The Shadow's way is righteous.

Arrion Wellington: Anyone who moves in the way of 'Sin' is just as righteous as a lich is attacking a child.

Beans: Ouch! Touché!

Arrion Wellington: *smiles*

Beans: Gaius, whom you said was the first of the Wellington's to be given charge over the Chamber... how do I put this... his spirit has been sighted of late.

Arrion Wellington: Aye, I have heard the rumors, it is most disturbing, I heard that he had fist shown in Britain where he was buried then to yew where he was born...

Beans: *nods*

Arrion Wellington: Lord Grant a very close friend has told me that he has seen Gaius himself. And that just today the spirit was taken to Vesper. It seems Gaius is retracing the events of his life... and each place regains part of his memory. It is most disturbing, Something must have woken him.

Beans: Many are assuming that this has to do with the Ice Creature attacks, and that is why he walks Britannia.

Arrion Wellington: 'Tis a possibility, but 'tis doubtful, I think it is more of something 'in the family' so to speak.

Beans: Aye, many a spirit bode ill tidings for the family from whence they came.

Arrion Wellington: *nods* I only hope that it can be discovered before it is too late.

Beans: Why do you think he's chosen, or was raised, at this point, just as you are turning 20?

Arrion Wellington: Honestly I don't know. I have been the youngest to have the title passed down because my father died when I was so young.

Beans: You said "retracing the events of his life"... that he's been sited in Britain, where his body rests, Yew, which he's called his home, and in Vesper. Mayhaps this is the key. How familiar are you with his history? Do you know what happened to him in these locations?

Arrion Wellington: The stories of Gaius are somewhat forgotten, I know very little of his life due to the fact that he would not permit anyone in the family to even speak his name until after he died...

Beans: One was not allowed to speak his name?

Arrion Wellington: It was only then were the stories passed on by Galt. No one in the family so my father said, he was quite embarrassed about several things that had happened most of which I probably know nothing of.

Beans: Most interesting. Mayhaps setting right some wrongs? He seems rather uneasy, his spirit does.

Arrion Wellington: *nods* I have yet to see him, I do know that Gaius was more concerned with the way history remembered the family name and not his. Wellington before Gaius, Sosaria before Wellington. Those were drilled into my head as a child, except it was Wellington before Arrion, Sosaria before Wellington. You understand, kind of a family oath.

Beans: *nods* How now do you see yourself as servant of Sosaria?

Arrion Wellington: I teach as much virtue as I can to those who visit the Chamber, I am young but I try my best. Spirituality and Humility are my faults I fear. I don't quite grasp either of them. But AngusThorn has told me they both come with age. So perhaps when I am older.

Beans: We all learn from our errors, and over time they come to us through Wisdom. Wisdom, the unknown Virtue.

Arrion Wellington: *smiles* I would add hope to the list if it were up to me...

Beans: Mayhaps the silent Principles, Wisdom and Hope... *smiles* When I was your age, spirituality and humility were not Virtues I was familiar with either. Given time, the Virtues will find thee as one entity. Not that I'm much older *smiles* Before I let you go... um, what would you like for your birthday?

Arrion Wellington: *laughs*

Beans: All of Sosaria wishes to attend your party! Give us some idea of what you'd like!

Arrion Wellington: Depends, is the giver male or female? *coughs* I mean... just smiling faces and warm hearts...

Beans: *laughs*

Arrion Wellington: I'm having a party not for me but for Kaelib... my birthday 'tis just an undertone.

Beans: Then, what shall we bring our host as a sign of gratitude for welcoming back a respected member of the community? *smiles*

Arrion Wellington: I think that if everyone has a good time, dancing and being merry that it will be enough to warm the smiles of both Kaelib and I.

Beans: Thanks for taking the time Arrion.

Arrion Wellington: Aye, not a problem at all. Sweet Dreams to ye Beans.

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The History of House Wellington: Gaius' Tale
>>> Felucca Facet News <<<'Twas not long after Lord Arrion Wellington retired from his party that Grant of Rivendell notified the revelers that Gaius Wellington, the spirit of Arrion's grandfather who had been seen roaming around Britain, Yew and Vesper last week, was once again in Vesper, this time in the Champion's of Light warrior's guild. By the time I arrived on the scene, many of those who attended Lord Arrion's party in honor of Lord Kaelib Sol where already there intensely listening to Gaius as he told of his story and what caused him to haunt Britannia. Here is his story as best as I can present it to you.

In the beginning...

It has been over eight-five years since Gaius has walked Britannia as a living being. Raised in Yew, he found himself training later in life under General Gregory at the Champion's of Light as a soldier. There, both he and his friend Ariys Darkmor trained long hours honing their skills as warriors until Gregory called them into service at Cove, where orcs from the nearby fort had invaded and taken over the town. Hailing from Yew as it were, a city plagued during this period of history by numerous attacks by orcs, the two young lads wanted their revenge, and went to Cove with revenge filling their hearts.

The Battle of Cove...

Saving Cove from the orcs was not an easy task. Many brave soldiers had fallen while clearing the city of these beings. That task alone took six months! At the tight pass leading to the orc fort a short distance away the battle was fierce as the orcs blocked the pass. Violence again lasted for quite some time, and it took another six months for the warriors to make their way through the mountains onwards towards the orc fort.

The battle at the gates of the orc fort was also intense, Gaius told us. He pointed out areas of the fort where great battles occurred. The leader of the orcs was situated in one room of the fort. Gaius told of the difficulty in getting to this room, the weariness the soldiers felt after battling day after day in Cove, and how many had fallen just to reach this area. Once the leader was slain, the orcs became filled with rage. In order to survive, Gaius said, the soldiers had to "kill or be killed." To boost moral, many of the soldiers began desecrating other rooms, homes that belonged to the orcs. Once they reached the dock, the soldiers found victory on their side.

"The battle was finally over, or was it?" said Gaius.

Lord Gaius Manifests in Yew...

Gregory, said Gaius, was not pleased with the victory, and ordered his men back to Yew and stationed Gaius in the wine fields. Some fields were still aflame from a previous orc invasion, but at this time there was not much need for concern. For their bravery, Gregory named Gaius General as his valor was what Gregory sought in leadership. Ariys, according to Gaius, was jealous of this appointment, even though he was appointed Captain under Gaius. As he spoke these words to us, flesh returned to Gaius' body. Before our eyes he manifested. It was only at this time, as we stood in the center of Yew, that Gaius was able to remember his past clearly.

The Battle of Shame Orc Fort...

Their first assignment was at the Shame Orc Fort (aka Yew Orc Fort). Gregory ordered Gaius to "kill all that moved... no orc was to be left alive." But that battle proved to be easy. The area was not guarded, and the fort was filled with women and children orcs. According to Gaius, Ariys was happy with the battle, his "eyes becoming more and more dark" with each orc he slew. Gaius expressed remorse as the person he once knew was slowly being transformed into a being of evil.

The battle was quick, aye. The men celebrated over the bodies of the fallen women and children. Gaius, horrified at this atrocity, ordered the bodies to be buried, not burned as they were in Cove. Reflecting on the battle, Gaius told us "this was no honorable fight."

He went to Gregory, who he said knew the Shame Orc Fort was not a military place, but Gregory told him regardless that the Shame Orc Fort victory was important, and that Gaius should put his trust in him. But, Gaius says, he never forgot the place. Never forgot the atrocities he witnessed his friends, his men doing, or the women and children who died at their hands.

Gregory then ordered Gaius to Wrong. According to reports Gregory had received, the Trolls were getting "feisty," Ettins were breeding, and the entire area was becoming uncontrollable. Gregory told Gaius that it was better to strike at that time rather than later so as to minimize the numbers of innocents being hurt.

The Mysterious, Bold Stranger at Wrong...

When we arrived at Wrong, Gaius tried very hard to remember something of import. Whatever it was that happened here on that fateful night was the reason why Gaius' spirit was roaming Britannia.

He looked around him desperately, trying to remember what it was that troubled his spirit so. Then, looking over the shoulders of those surrounding him, he immediately rushed to a location southeast of where we were standing. He said that it was here, in this spot was a "curiosity, something we had never seen before." A man with a golden halberd and blue armor stood defiantly, fighting the creatures that swarmed around him, attacking him. Like violent waves crashing along a shore during a storm, the creatures kept coming. As best as they could, Gaius' men could not heal him quickly enough, so violent was the attack on this man.

Suddenly not two paces from the man a red moongate opened, almost as if it was there to save him. The man was able to take one step before the warriors heard his scream and saw him fall. Despite the efforts of the soldiers, it was too late. This unknown hero was dead. Gaius, when he approached the fallen man's corpse, noticed that his skin was of a curious color.

Gaius gathered the man's belongings. He wished to keep them safe, to return them to the stranger's family if ever his identity was made known. It was what followed after this act of kindness that forced Gaius' spirit to roam Britannia...

The Threat Against House Wellington...

By this time Ariys heart had grown dark. He demanded the belongings from Gaius. Gaius refused. Ariys threatened to take Gaius' life. He threatened the life of Gaius' son, Galt. Said Gaius of this moment, "The blood of the past year had clouded his mind... all he knew how to do was kill... There was nothing else for him to do, and the belongings would help him reach this goal."

Ariys stormed out of the camp screaming his family name. He said that Darkmor would best House Wellington where the chain was weakest.

It was here that Gaius stood still, silent. Slowly he turned to us and asked whether House Wellington had continued to this generation. Many told him of Lord Arrion, his great-grandson. He trembled, knowing that it was for Arrion's safety that he had risen from the dead. He looked at us and asked us to send a warning to Arrion, for in grave danger he was. Revenge was forthcoming. It was only a matter of time.

Weakened, he asked to be returned "to where it is warm... my grave, for it is time for me to sleep."

The Chamber of Virtue...

We arrived in Britain. Recognizing where we were, he ran towards the Chamber of Virtue. Standing in the building of virtues, he said "there is death here, covered up and clean. There is very recent death." Many told of the recent desecration and murder performed by members of the Knights of Sin just a few days before.

Gaius continued. He said Lord British had pardoned him. We looked at each other, for nothing in what he said was treasonous. He continued. "I showed Compassion even to those who had killed my family after the battle of Wrong."

Gaius told of how he was ordered back to the Shame Orc Fort. Gregory had told Gaius that the orcs had "re-infested" the Fort and assured Gaius that it would not be a defenseless slaughter as the last battle of the Shame Orc Fort was. Gaius insisted that Gregory accompany him to observe the battle.

At the Orc Fort there were only a few survivors from the previous battle. Only the women and children who barely survived after that first violent attack remained. Gregory ordered Gaius to kill. Gaius refused. Gregory charged Gaius with treason and placed him under arrest. Before he was arrested, ten of Gaius' men stepped forward and slaughtered the remaining orcs. Appalled, Gaius slew the men where they stood, as he saw no goodness in their hearts. But, he said, there was one that he recognized... Ariys' son. He had killed his best friend's son.

Gaius was taken to the Court of Truth and placed in prison. The charges against him were severe: murder and treason, both punishable by death.

While in prison, he heard the sound of trumpets announcing the arrival of Lord British. Lord British had spoken with Gaius, and understood the reasoning behind Gaius' actions one that fateful day at the Shame Orc Fort. The men were acting out of hate, malice and revenge; Gaius had no choice but to do what he did. Lord British brought Gaius to the Chamber of Virtue and pardoned him of the charges that were brought against him. House Wellington was to now care for the Chamber of Virtue, decreed Lord British, to keep it sacred and true, and that his family would be deemed Lords and Ladies.

At this point, Gaius grew even weaker. His spirit could no longer support the flesh on his bones, and he became spirit once more.

The Last Words of Gaius...

We followed Gaius' spirit to the Britain graveyard. There at his grave he stood. Saying his last words, he again asked us to warn Arrion of the impending danger he was in. Then he said the following:

The world has become a cold place. It was warm here once. Warm and loving. It could be again. It is time for me to rest...

With that, he turned and walked into his grave.

Lord Arrion Wellington...

Lord Arrion Wellington's life is in danger. Somewhere in Britannia the seed of evil lies, wishing ill will against Arrion, the "weakest link" in House Wellington. What form this evil will take we know not. But, as Arrion has said time and time again, Virtue will prevail.

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House Wellington: When Hope and Jealousy Collide
>>> Felucca Facet News <<<"I would add hope to the list if it were up to me..."
-- Lord Arrion Wellington on the Virtues

The Town Cryers Thursday made their clarion calls... Lord Arrion Wellington needed assistance at the Chamber of Virtue of Virtue.Many were already there when I had arrived. Arrion stood at the Chamber, occassionally cleaning the symbols of Virtue as is his way. When queried about the task at hand, he informed us that several Monks at the Lycaeum in Moonglow had a rare artifact that they uncovered and wished to deliver it to Lord Arrion, but Lord Arrion knew not what this artifact was. The Monks had received numerous threats concerning this artifact and were in dire need of valiant escorts to take them to the Chamber of Virtue.

The Monks at the Lycaeum

Many provided gates to either Moonglow or the Lycaeum itself. Once there, we found ourselves amongst several monks. Mythras, Dee, Celis, Bannon, Jeffrey, Joe and Imrahil stood near the lead monk, Kellik, who wore a dark brown robe.

Patiently they waited for the remaining volunteer escorts to arrive and explained the task at hand. Kellik provided more information concerning this rare artifact... 'twas Hope he wished to deliver to Arrion, and because of this their lives were in danger. To make matters more difficult for the escorts, the Monks would only travel using the moongates created by the Moonglow Mages Guild ages ago.

The Battles Towards Britain

Once the remaining escorts arrived, we made our way south towards the City. 'Twas not long before we found ourselves in the midst of a small contingent of orcs! If ye are a native of Moonglow, ye would surely know that this is not normal for the island. The orcs and skeletons appeared out of nowhere, but they were
quickly dispelled. Our walk through the forests of Moonglow resulted in more orc/skeleton contingents. Clearly a powerful force had brought these creatures to this oft quiet city.

'Twas not much difficulty, orcs and skeletons aside, to reach the moongate. But, as many a traveler knows, reaching your destination using these portals can prove quite difficult, and it took some time before the entire party was able to assemble at the Britain moongate.

We made our way northerly towards the city of Britain. Again, we met resistance from orcs, ettins, skeletons, lizard men and gazers. Wave upon wave of these creatures attempted to thwart us, but the escorts time and again were victorious, and with relative ease made our way to the Chamber of Virtue.

The Chamber of Virtue: Hope and Evil

Once there, the Monks each stood on a symbol of Virtue, and Kellik presented Lord Arrion with Hope, as he knew Lord Arrion would take great care in this artifact and would not allow it to fall into the hands of evil.

Once in Lord Arrion's hands, the Monks, one by one, committed suicide on the symbols of Virtue. 'Twas a ghastly andconfusing sight; their death cries echoing over
and over against the walls of the Chamber when suddenly Sinister Lord Trent Darkmor of the House Darkmor walked into the Chamber of Virtues!

Aye, ye have read that correctly... 'twas the moment Lord Gaius Wellington warned us about. House Darkmor was to get revenge on House Wellington on this night. Ye may recall how Lord Gaius had told the tale of Ariys Darkmor, smitten with jealousy and filled with evil after years of battle, had sworn revenge when Lord Gaius rightfully refused to turn over the blue armor and golden halberd belonging to the mysterious stranger at the Battle of Dungeon Wrong, desiring only to return them to the stranger's family once they were discovered. And here before us, 85 years after Lord Ariys swore revenge, stood his great grandson, Trent Blackmor. The day of reckoning had arrived.

Violently pushing his way through the crowd, Trent made his way to Arrion and demanded that Arrion give him Hope. Arrion refused. With that, Trent then swore to send his minions to attack each and every shrine, the attacks being prepared as they spoke by "his master." Before he left, he swore that Arrion would be sorry for his refusal, that the destruction of the Shrines fell upon Arrion's head. Then he disappeared.

Arrion instructed us all to go to the eight Shrines of Virtue, to protect them from the evil that would soon beseige them. He asked us to free the Shrines from this terrible man, warning that the "remnants of Darkmor must not triumph."

The Battle of the Shrines

The party then split up into eight groups. I personally went to the Shrine of Honesty. Many pigeons reported initially that there was no activity at the Shrines, but quickly that changed. Dozens of Bone and Skeleton Knights, Lich Lords, and Bone Magi led by an evil mage attacked the Shrines at once.

It seemed that the battle lines for each of the shrine battles was reversed. The defense was on the outside battling their way in, whereas the offense stood their ground at each shrine. Many a brave warrior and warrioress fell, but slowly, with great difficulty, both the creatures and the evil mages fell at their respective

Wallis Gerard, reporter for this newspaper, had a brief opportunity to speak with Raize, the evil mage responsible forthe attack at the Shrine of Valor.

Wallis Gerard: Why do you stay here?
Raize: What comes soon will be much worse.
Wallis Gerard: What is that? Give me a message. I shall deliver it.
Raize: The virtues are worthless and shall fall.
Wallis Gerard: Under whose hand?
Raize: Already the others are falling. Ye had ye chance.

Wallis and many others fell as the monsters under Raize's command attacked them. Wallis, despite numerous questions, was unable to find out more information concerning the nature of the attacks, or under whose command Raize truely was under.

The Shrine of Sacrifice: Arrion and Trent Meet

Lord Trent and Lord Arrion, I am told, constantly missed each other at each Shrine they visited. 'Twas not until the Shrine of Sacrifice that their paths finally crossed. While the masses battled the creatures, Arrion was kidnapped by Trent and taken through a mysterious gate that lead to Dungeon Hythloth. Thor Ironside
of The Guardians followed Trent and Arrion through the gate, and was killed almost immediately by the number of monsters in the area.

Dungeon Hythloth: Prison

'Twas there that Lord Arrion was drugged and imprissoned in a small cell in Hythloth. The blue armor andgolden halberd that Ariys Darkmor wanted so badly
was stripped from Lord Arrion by Trent. I asked Lord Arrion about the armor and weapon later after I made my way to his prison cell and he told me that Trent had attempted to wear them, but was unable to. Frustrated, Lord Trent had locked them in the chest located in the cell.

When asked about Hope, Lord Arrion showed the artifact to us. Lord Trent was also unable to wrestle that from the hands of Lord Arrion, and as he promised to
the Monks, Lord Arrion would keep Hope safe.

Many attempted various means to free Lord Arrion from his cell. All were unsuccessful. An expedition was sent to search for Lord Trent in hopes of gaining Lord Arrion's freedom. A visit to Chaos Shrine proved unsuccessful, but our next search at the Chamber of Virtue proved successful.

The Chamber of Virtue Darkmor

Trent Darkmor had claimed the Chambers of Virtue, claiming that Arrion had been teaching false Virtues. He also laid claim to all lands in the possession of House Wellington. Steel of FoV challenged Trent to a duel for the keys to Arrion's cell. They met outside of Britain where the battle was fought. Trent issued an
ultimatum. No one was to interfere with the battle, and if so, the keys would not be returned. Despite numerous heals, Steel fell to Trent's blows. Several then attacked Trent despite the warning. Trent declared that the keys would not be given, that Lord Arrion would rot in his cell.

The Chamber of Virtue is under the command of House Darkmor. Lord Arrion Wellington sits in his cell, alone with nothing more than Hope by his side. Will Arrion be freed? Will House Darkmor remain victorious? These questions have yet to be answered.

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Interview: Sinister Lord Trent Darkmor of House Darkmor
>>> Felucca Facet News <<<'Twas Sunday eve when I arrived at the Keg & Anchor Tavern in Trinsic to relax after spending the eve in Yew looking for more clues concerning Gavin, Gil, Kyry (the author of the journal) and Theron, when I didst spy Sinister Lord Trent Darkmor speaking with a fellow named Forge on the roof of the Tavern. Lord Trent,
ye may recall, was under orders from an unknown master to desecrate the Shrines of Virtue, and didst imprison Lord Arrion Wellington in a prison in Dungeon Hythloth. Lord Trent is has also laid claim to the Chamber of Virtue and all the lands that have been in the possession of House Wellington for over eighty-five years.

I made my way up the stairs to the Tavern roof, where I heard Lord Forge challenge Lord Trent to a duel. After telling Forge that his act was foolish, and the lad sped off to prepare for the duel, I approached Lord Trent and asked him if he would take the time to speak with this humble reporter.

We made our way downstairs to the Tavern proper, and sat at a table in the back room. It was there that we spoke.

Beans Baxter: Thank thee for thy time sire.

Trent Darkmor: Not a problem young scribe.

Beans Baxter: Ye've been on a lot of minds lately.

Trent Darkmor: I do my best. Well there is a time for change, and that time is upon us.

Beans Baxter: *frowns* I'll be blunt: who is thine master?

Trent Darkmor: That I can not devulge as of now. He will make his presence known when he wishes it.

Beans Baxter: He commanded ye to attack the Shrines?

Trent Darkmor: Aye that he did, and it is something that I insisted on doing.

Beans Baxter: For what purpose?

Trent Darkmor: The shrines are the way of the old.

Beans Baxter: How so?

Trent Darkmor: They represent the virtues that Lord British has used for generations to enslave the people of this land.

Beans Baxter: And yet ye lay claim to the Chamber of Virtue.

Trent Darkmor: Aye, for it is known that Lord British put it there as to know so that he may... hmm the right word for it... so that he may view what he has built I want him to see it destroyed, and the people freed form his control.

Beans Baxter: And what do ye propose is the best means of removing Lord British's control?

Trent Darkmor: Utter destruction of the Shrines. The people must learn to live their lives their own way. By free will over themselves. And they need to be shown that all they are doing now is being lead by British to death like lambs to the slaughter.

Beans Baxter: But from Virtue stems Order. Even Lord Blackthorn recognizes that.

Trent Darkmor: Hahaha. Blackthorn...

Beans Baxter: He wishes more latitude though.

Trent Darkmor: He is a bigger fool then British.

Beans Baxter: *smiles*

Trent Darkmor: HE believes in his own ways, but is to scared to make his dreams happen so he cowars in British's shadow. And the Virtues do not lead to order. Laws do.

Beans Baxter: How so? He teaches Compassion!

Trent Darkmor: Compassion? He gives when it serves himself. He is like any other virtue follower. They swear by them when it suits them then refuses to acknowldge them when it hinders him.

Beans Baxter: But to many, Virtue is Law. That should be enough.

Trent Darkmor: Nay, the virtues are a concept of one man. And it is time we moved past this petty existances and forge our own way into the future.

Beans Baxter: And how, assuming that this is the correct path... would that be accomplished?

Trent Darkmor: I do believe Moonglow has the right idea. They have their own council, it is high time that each city be granted it's own rule and from that those in charge with the help of the people should make the laws that bind this world together.

Beans Baxter: Moonglow is a Virtue Council and respects the Laws of our Liege.

Trent Darkmor: What liege? I have not seen hide nor hair of British in ages. It is time we moved past his ways of the old. And I am branded an outcast, because I wish to move on and do things a new way. And if that is the cross I must bear, then so be it

Beans Baxter: Ye also imprissoned Lord Arrion Wellington. 'Tis well known thy great-grandfather did threaten revenge...

Trent Darkmor: He was imprisoned for his own good. For if it was up to him, these people would still be a slave to the virtues.

Beans Baxter: He is only a teacher of Virtue, a caretaker if ye will.

Trent Darkmor: He is no teacher. He is a slave master only looking for the good that will suit him. Arrion just wanted people to think that. His family stole their power when his Grandfather stabbed mine in the back and left my family to suffer as outcasts. Now does that sound virtous?

Beans Baxter: How so? By wishing to care for the items of a stranger?

Trent Darkmor: Obviously he has not spoken of his past.

Beans Baxter: He knows little of Gaius.

Trent Darkmor: My family was the first in line to teach the virtous at the Chamber. And his forefathers stole that from my family and all but left us to die. Where is the Compassion in that?

Beans Baxter: There is no indication that ill will was bade against House Darkmor save the slaying of Ariys' son.

Trent Darkmor: No ill will? My whole life has been ill willed

Beans Baxter: And ye blame a House for that?

Trent Darkmor: Traveling from town to virtous town only to be shunned and driven to the farthest reaches of the Icy tundra of the new lands. That is not ill will? So you can see why the Virtues need to be replaced. They only serve those when they wish them to, not when it was the right thing to do. And that is why Laws should be made to replace these false virtues.

Beans Baxter: Give an example of the new Law ye propose.

Trent Darkmor: As I said I wish not to make laws. That is up to the people, and the cities to come together and do. I am merely forging the path for them to do so.

Beans Baxter: Ah, a democratic society?

Trent Darkmor: Aye. One where each town has their own justice. And all that justice falling under the grand laws that they provide the people with

Beans Baxter: Ye know 'tis treasonous to propose such a thing.

Trent Darkmor: Treason?

Beans Baxter: Aye. 'Tis a monarchy.

Trent Darkmor: Where have you been boy? I have already laid siege to the shrines. How much more treasonous can it be?

Beans Baxter: And was thwarted.

Trent Darkmor: Monarchy?

Beans Baxter: 'tis a shock to be honest that a warrant has yet to be issued...

Trent Darkmor: Show mew thy lord and I will turn over the key...

Beans Baxter: by the High Council for yer arrest.

Trent Darkmor: and willingly be beheaded for treason.

Beans Baxter: 'tis a bold statement.

Trent Darkmor: You say it was thrarted?

Beans Baxter: Aye

Trent Darkmor: Yet when I left the battle field we strill controled over half of the shrines and the Chamber of Virtue.

Beans Baxter: Not Honesty.

Trent Darkmor: Honesty is but one of 8.

Beans Baxter: I have not visited the others.

Trent Darkmor: Justice was still in our control, as was Valor, and Honor.

Beans Baxter: And still now?

Trent Darkmor: I have yet to contact them.But let it be known, that we held them all once, and still can hold them again.

Beans Baxter: On Monday eve here in this city the Council of Honesty will meet will ye address them?

Trent Darkmor: I may have to make an appearence.

At this point in the conversation I noticed The Shadow sitting within the Tavern. Knowing these two might have some interest in each other, although their goals are somewhat different, I motioned for The Shadow to come join us.

Trent Darkmor: Shadows do not bother me.

The Shadow: And nor should they.

Beans Baxter: Hail Lord Shadow.

The Shadow: Good evening.

Trent Darkmor: Do not bow. I am no god, just another man

The Shadow: I did not think you a god.

Trent Darkmor: Then why bow?

The Shadow: Because of the assistance you have provided me.

Trent Darkmor: Well any assistance was there for reason.

The Shadow: For now..you have my respect. I am certain you have your reasons.

Trent Darkmor Aye. As Beans here knows.

The Shadow: May I join you?

Beans Baxter: *nods* Lord Shadow, if ye wish.

The Shadow: I had just left a meeting with Lord Bixby.Was most enlightening.

Trent Darkmor: Lord Bixby?

Beans Baxter: *nods*

The Shadow: Bixby Legbone.

Trent Darkmor: Do not tell me he is another foolish follower of the virtues.

Beans Baxter: An enemy of the Council of Honesty.

The Shadow: High Priest of the Undead Lords.

Trent Darkmor: Ahh then he sounds like a fine fellow.

The Shadow: I call him Lord out of respect for his deeds.

Trent Darkmor: Ahh.

The Shadow: Our king would not.

Trent Darkmor: What King?

The Shadow: Lord British.

Trent Darkmor: Hahahaha. You still call him king?

The Shadow: For now. I am not quite finished with him yet.

Trent Darkmor: Well he must be around for such things to happen. But alas I fear he is gone, abandoned this world along with it's people.

Beans Baxter: He has left us his Virtues.'Tis enough for many.

Trent Darkmor: Must we go over that again Beans?

Beans Baxter: *smiles* 'tis mine opinion.

The Shadow: The virtues...Well, soon even they will not be left.

Trent Darkmor: That is what I am working towards

The Shadow: Splendid, as am I.

Beans Baxter: *laughs*

The Shadow: We spoke briefly at the Chamber of Virtues.

Trent Darkmor: Ahh

The Shadow: You would not remember.

Beans Baxter: I paraphrase Arrion: ye can destroy the Shrines, ye can destroy the symbols of Virtue, but Virtue will always survive

Trent Darkmor: Do not speak that name again. He is gone from this world, and his name erased from all record.

The Shadow: Ah, but Beans... I am not out to destroy the shrines or the symbols. I am out to destroy the virtues themselves.

Trent Darkmor: As I stated before, there are no tue virtues.True. People only follow them when it serves to benefit themselves.

The Shadow: I will destroy them through the Sins.

Beans Baxter: *laughs* 'tis indeed a grand game of chess, Shadow. We all play it, no?

The Shadow: We all do.

Trent Darkmor: But some of us willnot play fair.

Beans Baxter: I do say, that in both efforts, ye shall fail. Too many are against ye.

Trent Darkmor: If you believe so.

Beans Baxter: Too many believe in the Virtues.

The Shadow: No.

Trent Darkmor: You are entitled to that belief.

The Shadow: Too many think they believe in the virtues. Deep down, they will not admit their Sins.

Trent Darkmor: But all the more fun it will be when we march right over you and your virtues.

Beans Baxter: *laughs* Me and my kind will only return stronger as will ye and yours.

Trent Darkmor: As I stated to Forge earlier I will do battle with any man in this world.

Beans Baxter: As I've seen ye do

Trent Darkmor: So until some man or woman does such, I will not change my views or ways.

Beans Baxter: A draw then... for neither can get checkmate.

Trent Darkmor: We shall see.

The Shadow: *simply smiles and says nothing*

Beans Baxter: Well, I shant take up more of thine time. I do thank thee for speaking with me, both of ye. And do make that meeting on the morrow.

The Shadow: Always a pleasure, Beans Baxter.I shall try to.

Trent Darkmor: I shall be there.

Beans Baxter: Fare thee well, both of ye.

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