?    Biography : Duma (Catskills)

   Can be found at:
The Forgery in Minoc
   Current profession: Blacksmith



    Arguably amongst the greatest smiths in the realm, Duma and his brother Amaro appear to be succesful businessmen: owning a forge in Minoc is probably a good way to make money. So succesful, in fact, that they have recently begun exporting ingots, weapons and armor to other cities (Yew). But the inpour of weapons in Yew did not please everybody. The fourth or so caravan was ambushed on it's route, and was never heard of again. The monster races living around the area are credited for this action, particularly the orcs and dark elves.

    In face of the loss, the guards of Yew met once again with Duma, and it was conclued that it would be safer and better in the long run to build a forge in Yew, and train some of the guards in the art of blacksmithing. Duma, already involved in this, was commissioned for the building. After gathering the necessary ingredients at a great cost (Duma builds his forges with volcanic rock, to withstand the heat. Some was gathered on the isle of fire), the forge was built in the far end of the guard quarters, in a large unnocupied area on the ground level.

   No new caravans left Minoc since then. It seems Duma is concentrating on the local market for the time being.

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