?    Biography : Harris (Sonoma) (Presumed dead)

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   Current profession: Finder, detective


    Harris is a friendly but somewhat disreputable fellow. It is said that if an item exists, Harris can find it for you. He has an obscure past, probably hiding a lot of things that he would not like others to know. He settled in Magincia to use his skills to recover lost items, for a fee.

    In the past few months, Harris sent adventurers accross the world to find four magical staves, each linked to one of the basic elements: Earth, Fire, Water and Air. When he finally acquired all four, he tried to unite them in a magical ritual. But something went wrong, and an evil elemental was loosed on the gathered crowed. Quickly the Seers reacted, dispatching adventurers to gather "pure" elements to banish the abomination, but not before Harris was slain. His ghost vanished from the scene, and we can only assume he is dead for good.

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