Juo'nar's history revealed

Caitlin Elopidat


The evil warrior Juo’nar has been a thorn in the side of Trinsic for some time now, but many of Britannia’s citizens aren’t aware of who this vile fiend really is. After speaking with many of the people who knew him in Trinsic, and worked side by side with the man in the Paladin’s guild, we have uncovered some insight into this foul villain, and feel that it’s necessary for all of Britannia to share in this information.

His beginnings were simple enough, the only son of a noble family, he was brought up in the ways of the virtues. At the age of fifteen he joined the Paladin’s guild of Trinsic, and within a few years he’d moved his way up the political ladder and taken control of the guilds treasury. Along with this task he also became responsible for the inventory of the guild’s store house of weapons and equipment.

But, after the death of Lord Hartham, an investigation uncovered that Juo’nar had in fact been embezzling both funds and equipment from the Paladin’s guild for some time. When this information became public, Juo’nar was expelled from the Paladin’s guild, and soon after found himself blackballed by all the merchants of the city of Trinsic. Days later, with a mob of angered citizens on his heels, he fled the city for good. He vowed publicly to those following him that they would one day kneel before him.

Not long after this he showed up once again, this time apparently with a force of orcs and lizardmen, and launched an attack on the walled city. This seems to have been a diversion, however, as Juo’nar’s true intent appears to have been the theft of an item of some importance. The item in question is a necklace, though none can say exactly what it’s significance is, or why Juo’nar was bent on retrieving it for himself.

In acquiring the necklace, Juo’nar was forced to kill three of the highest prefects of an order of peaceful monks, who were meditating near the shrine of Spirituality. The necklace was taken from the ground a few feet from where the monks were found dead, and some speculate that the monks were indeed imbuing the item with magical properties, although this information may or may not turn out to be true. The grisly murders serve as a reminder that Juo’nar is not to be trusted, and if anyone has information regarding his whereabouts it should be reported immediately to the guards in Trinsic.

The city guard warn that citizens who come in contact with Juo’nar should flee immediately as he is a highly trained warrior, and is not likely to think twice about killing even the most peaceful of citizens, as he proved by butchering the monks at the shrine. What is this necklace who’s lure was so great it brought down a once noble citizen of Trinsic? Only time will tell.

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Wednesday, Feb 11