BNN Day 27
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Bundor Bard:

Crisis in Britannia, Day 27
I'm Bundor Bard and you're listening to Britannia Network News.
Here are the headlines today: Lord British made an appearance today at his castle in the city of Britain. During the appearance he said that he and his advisors are mystified by the constant attacks on the cities of Yew, Vesper, Cove, Trinsic, Papua, and Delucia. No one seems to know who or what is behind the attacks. Mage advisor, Nystul, has also discovered a spell that is neutralizing the guards in those towns causing them to not attack creatures. However, the guards still respond to calls from citizens attacked by other citizens. British announced that Sir Geoffrey will lead an a task force to capture a prisoner for interrogation and also pleaded for calm while the crisis is resolved. More headlines after these words.

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It's four o'clock in the morning. You have a pair of sheep, [Sheep baa] a pig, [Pig squeal] a cow, [Cow moo] and a bag of gold. [Coins jingling] At the Sweet Dreams Inn, we don't ask any questions. The Sweet Dreams Inn, when all you need is some quiet time for yourself.

Bundor Bard:

And now for the rest of the headlines. Attacks by Ophidians in the Delucia area are increasing. According to local sources there have been more Ophidian sightings in the last two weeks then in any other year in memory. Adventurers are streaming into Trinsic to help defend the walls from masses of undead. The cities food and weapon resources are being strained to the limit and some local merchants have been accused of profiteering by raising prices. And that's our report for today. I'm Bundor Bard.

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Title: Crisis in Britannia, Day 27

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