BNN Day 44
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Matthew the Bard:

Crisis in Britannia, Day 44.
Hello, I'm Matthew the Bard and you're listening to Britannia Network News.
In the headlines today.
Lord British has announced he will travel to the City of Yew. He'll observe the questioning of the orc prisoner held there. The questioning is to be conducted by the druid, Selzhanik. British made the announcement during an appearance at his castle last evening. We'll be right back after these words.

[Lute music]

Male voice:

Peaceful Vistas. Friendly shopkeepers. A place to relax. Whether you're shipping ore, traveling with friends or just need a rest. Come to the new family-friendly Bucc's Den. [Snickering laughter] The days of pirates and brigands [Pirate sounds] are long gone. You don't need a sword. [More laughter] You don't need a bow. All you need to bring are your troubles, your worries and a big bag of gold. [Pirate cheers] Paid for by the men holding swords to my throat. [More snickering laughter]

Matthew the Bard:

In other news, Trinsic continues to be held by the undead. Volunteers are gathering outside the city walls, holding the city in siege until the arrival of Lord British's reinforcement army. That army is expected to arrive Monday or Tuesday. In Minoc, several witnesses claimed to have sighted the legendary Lim the Slightly Angry. The witnesses say Mr. Angry was riding a black horse and seemed to be headed out of the city. When asked for an autograph, Mr. Angry was said to have killed that person and ridden away muttering the phrase, 'Damn kitties.' And that's the news. I'm Matthew the Bard for BNN.

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Title: Crisis in Britannia, Day 44

Author: OSI
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Abstract: Britannia News Network

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