BNN Day 57

[Intro Music]

Lady Machiavelli:
Crisis in Britannia, Day 57.
I'm Lady Machiavelli and you're listening to Britannia Network News.
In the headlines today.
Carnage in Cove! Attacks by all manner of creature continue to plague the city. Though generally small, the raiding parties have shown increasing viciousness. The mutilated bodies of several dozen defenders have been thrown out the main gate, unnerving the populace. The town council has pleaded for calm, noting that the volunteers defending the wall have done a superlative job. More after this.

Male voice:
You're having fun with you're friends in Covetous. Do you know who's in your house?

Another male voice:
My gold! My hally of vanquishing!

[Maniacal laughter]

Male voice:
We do!

Another male voice:
All my rares!

Male voice:
It was us, the Thieves Guild. Wanna join? Warning - use of the Thieves Guild has been known to cause a sense of...loss.

[More maniacal laughter]

Lady Machiavelli:
Welcome back to BNN. In other news, Lord Companion Dupre continues to search in and around the city of Yew for Lord British. Dupre has sworn to die before he will give up the search for the kidnapped monarch. And in sporting news, the Third Annual Fishmasters Tournament has ended in Ocllo, with no winner being crowned. In the final round of the deep sea event, one of the contestants fished up what one local called, "the biggest, nastiest, meanest, ugliest sea serpent I've ever seen." The creature destroyed the official boat, killing all the judges and finalists. And that's the news. I'm Lady Machiavelli and you've been listening to BNN.

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Title: Crisis in Britannia, Day 57
Author: OSI
Copyright: 2000 Electronic Arts
Abstract: Britannia News Network

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