BNN Day 61

[Intro Music]

Lylia Morgan:
Crisis in Britannia, Day 61.
I'm Lylia Morgan and you're listening to Britannia Network News.
In the headlines today.
As attacks by the invaders continue across Britannia, military leaders and the interim council desperately search for a way to slow or stop Minax. The demented mage seems impervious to both sword and spell and her attacks become more destructive every day. Court mage Nystul is said to be in self-imposed exile in his sanctorum, working 'round the clock to find a solution. Meanwhile peasant and warrior alike duck and run for cover whenever Minax appears. More after this important message.

Male voice:
Hey, I can still feel my feet.

Female voice:
Here, have one of these.

Male voice:
This doesn't look like my regular ale.

Female voice:
Just drink.

[Sound of drinking]

Male voice:
Oh, my.

[Sound of drinking more]

Male voice:
Wha, oh. Monkeys! Sweet leaping lizardmen!

Another male voice:
Tired of all those order ales that just keep you in line? Let the chaos flow.

[Soft string music plays]

Announcer Male voice:
Blackthorne's ale is brewed by excommunicated monks from Empath Abbey using only the finest ingredients and a burning hatred for order, so when you want a drink that screams...

Male voice:
I want to die and I'm taking you with me.

Announcer Male voice:
Then drink Blackthorne's ale. Available wherever followers of chaos are found.

Lylia Morgan:
Welcome back. You are listening to BNN. In more news today, in recent days, the defenders of Cove have now repelled attacks or recaptured the city several times. Small bands of invaders continually seize the main city gate, refusing to yield until completely destroyed. Military experts can find no overall strategy to these attacks, except to relieve pressure on other invaders in Britain, Yew and Vesper. Is Moonglow haunted? In recent days, a ghostly spechtre has been seen wandering the streets at night. Some believe her to be the wraith of Jan the schoolgirl, killed in a tragic milk-cart accident three years ago. The young teen suffered repressed anger and low self-esteem brought about by the popularity of her older and prettier sister. Some witnesses claim that the ghost haunts the back alley's near the schoolhouse plaintively wailing, "Marsha! Marsha! Marsha!" over and over again. And that's the news. I'm Lylia Morgan and you've been listening to BNN.

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Title: Crisis in Britannia, Day 61
Author: OSI
Copyright: 2000 Electronic Arts
Abstract: Britannia News Network

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