BNN Day 63

[Intro Music]

Bundor Bard:
Crisis in Britannia, Day 63.
I'm Bundor Bard and you're listening to Britannia Network News.
In the headlines today.
BNN has learned that thousands of people from all over the land are moving toward Britain. Everyone seems to be armed to the tee, brandishing weapons and weaving magic spells. While small war bands appear to have appointed their own leaders, there seems to be no overall commander. From all appearances this is an ad hoc army with one goal, to free the roads around Britain from the grip of the invaders. More after these words.

Male voice:
Next time on Guards.

Another male voice:
We're responding to a domestic violence call.

[Sound of a sword drawn]

Male voice:
Ride along with Guards as they teleport to crimes being committed around Britain.

Yet another male voice:
What? What do you want?

Female voice:
You have the colored sandals?

Yet another male voice:
These are my sandals. I don't have to...hey!

Female voice:
Come with us sir.

Yet another male voice:
But, but, screw you!

[Sound of running]

Gruff male voice:
We've got a runner.

[Sound of guard teleporting]

[Sound of guard whack]

[Death wail]

Male voice:
Danger lurks around every corner, but they always get their man.

[Sound of man struggling]

Female voice:
You have the right to a healer. If you give up this right, anything you say can and will be translated OoOoOo.

Gruff male voice:
Man, that hurts.

Male voice:
Check local listings for time.

Bundor Bard:
Welcome back to BNN. In other news today, a shipment of fine Cove cheeses destined for Trinsic was overturned this morning by a ratman, who was lured by the powerful smell. Local mage and polymorph expert, Turstal, commented, "Now, more then ever, we see the need for some kind of cat race born of powerful Britannia magics." Turstal has vowed to continue his studies, although an official from the Moonglow Council of Mages has dismissed his comments stating, "This is exactly what we expect from a man that lives in a swamp. The other day he was calling for the creation of a race of mongoose people to fight the Ophidians in Delucia." Although no casualties were reported in the incident, the cheese has not been accounted for. In full contact bowling action last night, the despicable Nelson captured the West Britain regionals. Nelson defeated the notorious Brandon in the final round by a score of 240 to 195 with one kill, two broken bones inflicted, and one lane destroyed. For the tournament, Nelson averaged the score of 233 and 1.5 kills per match. And that's the news. I'm Bundor Bard and you're listening to BNN.

[Exit Music]

Title: Crisis in Britannia, Day 63
Author: OSI
Copyright: 2000 Electronic Arts
Abstract: Britannia News Network

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