BNN Day 68

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Lylia Morgan:
Crisis in Britannia, Day 68.
I'm Lylia Morgan and you're listening to Britannia Network News.
In the new today.
Skeleton commanders, rotting corpses and ratman slingers continue to harass the cities of Britannia. Moral continues to drop as there seems to many Britannians to be no end to the endless stream of monsters and minions that grow every day in both strength and numbers. There is still no word concerning Lord British. Many of the citizens of this realm fear the worst has happened. While there are, as yet, no leads to confirm the demise of Lord British, we at BNN would like to ask all who are listening in to share with us in a moment of silence and thoughtful meditation in honor of our liege. [Moment of silence] In other news today, a tinker from Yew recently reported waking after a long night at the pub to find himself immersed in a tub full of ice water. A sign was reportedly taped to the wall above the vat advising the tinker that all his reagents had been stolen and recommending he call an alchemist before leaving his bath. Citizens are advised to beware drinking ale with strangers flaunting large amounts of bloodmoss. Until tomorrow, that's the news for today. I'm Lylia Morgan and you've been listening to BNN. Goodday.

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Title: Crisis in Britannia, Day 68
Author: OSI
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