A prophecy of things to come


Quest Info

One: Seek ye signs of shattered stones! Seek ye gatherings
of glimmers!

Two: For alas and alack and lo! they fall from heavens to
tempt all the sinners...

Three: Complete the prophecy to find the secret of the days
to come

Four: For runes and crystals whisper rhymes to frighten


One: Hast thou heard the dead shall walk?

Two: 'Tis prophesied here that castles will fall

Three: When crystals shatter and magic gathers

Four: And spirits make their ghastly call.


Sign prelude

One: 'Pon this eve the aether flows and dances madly in
the air

Two: The spirits rise and walk again and slaughter in the
moon's red glare

Three: Beware ye men of mortal flesh, lest ghosts seize
all they lifespan's time

Four: For soon the night shall come and soon shall set the

Five: And soon shall rise the bones to walk and seek the
magic sign...


Magic Sign 1

One: Where bones of land rise broken from the earth.

Two: And where the wind whistles 'til the rock itself speaks

Three: by the sea, north of sandstone, south of swamp

Four: A magic sign doth rest pon the smallest of peaks


Magic Sign 2

One: Some say a message floated in a corked and sunburnt

Two: And washed ashore where fisherfolk found it with a

Three: 'Til wounds did grow upon their flesh and disease
did rot

Four: A magic sign must live lonely lost upon a deserted


Magic Sign 3

One: Soon the world shall split, and lives will lose their

Two: The cadavers shall rise from their restless aching

Three: Soon shall monsters walk with bones broke all asunder

Four: For a magic sign doth dwell in caverns dark and deep!


Magic Sign 4

One: Where swords were shattered and brothers fell

Two: In battles well divided

Three: Where naught can live save pride and sting

Four: And dry is air in hiding

Five: A magic sign is caught in sand and sun

Six: Where blood lays idle


One: Upon a day when snow doth fall*

Two: A gathering will form of noblemen*

Three: Among the some who quarrel still*

Four: Between free will and the civil man*

Five: Whilst watched by mice and monsters both*

Six: A challenge shall be made*

Seven: That breaketh lances and severs growth*

Eight: And stains fair grass with hate*

Nine: Someday perhaps shall reconcile, (W Wis)

Ten: Two men whose hearts were once the same (C Corp)

Eleven: Till then the world shall tremble dire (H Hur)

Twelve: And none shall fix the blame (M Mani)