The Virtues

There are no Gods in Ultima Online, the religion is based on the ideology of The Virtues rather than on theology. They are what is believed to be the 8 aspects of a good life. The Virtues were introduced by Lord British, under the guidance of the Time Lord. They believe that the multitude of shards can only be reunited if they become one through the Virtues, that if all their inhabitants become one with their counterparts on the other shards in mind and in hearth, they will be reunited in body.

Linking the Virtues are also 3 Principles - Courage, Love and Truth. To keep these Principles, the construction of 3 keeps was ordered. The Empath Abbey protects the flame of Love, the Lycaeum holds the research Truth, and Serpent's Hold holds Courage.

To each Virtue is associated a city, which lives around it. Each Virtue also has an opposite, a taint, which is also the name of a dungeon in Britannia (except for Pride). Lord British has ordered the construction of 8 shrines, one for each of the Virtues, scattered accross the realm. These shrines are magical and will resurrect lost souls that come to them, but only those of good or neutral notoriety. (Except the shrine of Chaos, which resurects anyone).

Furthermore, each Virtue has a color and a mantra.

The 8 Virtues, with all their associations are shown here:

Virtue Compassion Honesty Honor Humility Justice Sacrifice Spirituality Valor


Honesty Honor Humility Justice Sacrifice Spirituality Valor
Town Britain Moonglow Trinsic Magincia Yew Minoc Skara Brae Jhelom
Companion Iolo Mariah Dupre Katrina Jaana Julia Shamino Geoffrey
Class Bard Mage Paladin Shephard Druid Tinker Ranger Fighter
Dungeon Despise Deceit Shame None Wrong Covetous Hythloth Destard
Anti-Class Brigand Daemon Gargoyles Noble Goblin Not Available Not Available Dragon
Anti-Virtue Despise Deceit Shame Pride Wrong Greed Sacrilege Dastard
Mantra Mu Ahm Summ Lum Beh Cah Om Ra
Color Yellow Blue Purple Black Green Orange White Red
Derived from Love Truth T/C None T/L L/C T/L/C Courage

Arguing that the Virtue system was not upholding the individuality of each citizen, Lord Blackthorn created his own Virtue, Chaos, and erected the corresponding shrine in a bold act of protest against his liege and friend Lord British. For the sake of diversity the Chaos shrine will resurrect anyone. 

More recently, the founding of the Guards of Virtue announced yet another chapter of the conflict tearing apart the friendship between British and Blackthorn.

A third doctrine also emerged in the realm, Balance. The principle of Balance embodies both Chaos and the Virtues, good and evil. A hidden city, Wind, was founded on the principle of Balance. It is mostly inhabited by scholars and scribes, and soon became the city of knowledge. Wind is an underground city, and the entrance was made accessible only to learned mages.

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