Halston Montil finds the FoA leader with the help of many brave adventurers

Troy Lauder

UP: Britannia

    Halston Montil recently led a band of warriors on an expedition that resulted in the capture of the presumed leader of the Followers of Armageddon.

    Tipped off by reports from sources in Buccaneer's Den, Montil's efforts began as an attempt to quell an uprising of low-level FoA minions in and about Buccaneer's Den. However, Montil's forces soon found an FoA member named Trool, who was eventually coerced into providing information about the whereabouts of the FoA leader, which led to a mage named Onjaan in Minoc.

    Search parties were dispatched to Minoc at once. It wasn't long before they were able to find Onjaan's trail. An interrogation aimed at getting further information about the location of the FoA leader sent Montil's expedition to Yew, where they were to seek out a gypsy woman named Marhta.

    Marhta wasn't terribly cooperative with Montil's efforts, to be sure, but after persistent questioning, the group was able to piece together enough clues to determine that the FoA leader's likely position was somewhere in the bowls of the dreaded Dungeon Shame.

    Montil and his expedition conducted an exhaustive search of the deadly caverns. Despite the myriad dangerous present, they soon found the hideout of the mysterious leader of the cult that is believed to be bent on the destruction of the world.

    Among the prisoners that he held were none other than Julia and Mariah. As Montil confronted the leader in the hopes of arresting him, a troll named G'Thunk emerged to exact his own manner of justice upon him. G'Thunk wanted nothing less than the assassination of the wretched FoA leader.

    Refusing to allow the leader to be killed before standing trial, Montil ordered an attack upon the misguided troll. G'Thunk lashed out with such strength and fury that he inflicted many casualties on the members of Montil's expedition. Julia was mortally wounded.

    Finally, however, G'Thunk was slain. With hostages free, the troll G'Thunk dead, and the terrible bloodbath behind them, Montil led the survivors of his expedition home with the FoA leader, their prisoner, in hand, and their mission, eminently successful.

    The FoA leader is set to stand trial. The date of the trial has not yet been established.


From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Tuesday, December 22nd 1998