Crawworth lives!

Caitlin Elopidat

UP: Britannia

    CrawWorth Rescued!

    Vesper - - It was believed that Lord CrawWorth had suffered the fate of the late Sage Humbolt. That like Humbolt he had died in his unending quest for peace and prosperity for all of Britannia. His blood strewn about the bridge and his gold armor found in pieces seemed to tell the tale. His precious sword, mere feet from the pools of crimson that marked his disappearance, seemed to be the final exclamation point.

    But this was apparently not the case. Word spread to all the town criers of the land that a band of orcs had mysteriously appeared in the old encampment East of Vesper. They had barred the doors of all the cabins. They seemed to be guarding something. And through the window of the southernmost cabin could be seen a prisoner. Lord CrawWorth.

    Armed with the news of his reappearance, the criers spread the word far and wide, and soon his friends arrived. They were greeted by the arrows and blades of the orcs and trolls who patrolled the woods outside the cabin. Ettins rounded the bend and joined in the fray against the humans. Orcish mages wielded their mystical arts, and kept CrawWorth's would be rescuers at bay for a good while. But in the end, good won out. As it always does.

    None of the beasts seemed to have the key to the locked door, and so finally it was broken down with axes and hatchets. When CrawWorth was finally freed he was in no condition to fight, and so slowly began to make his way back to Trinsic. He was not present for the discovery of the mysterious orders, apparently left for the orcs. Upon hearing of the orders later, he seemed withdrawn and detached from the situation. Who could blame him after what he'd been through.

    Following is the note in it's entirety. Once you read it you will understand why CrawWorth has reason to fear for not only his own life, but for those he cares about. The note reads: If CrawWorth refuses to speak, I will deal with him. -W

    The Zog Cabal? Who else. This is the second time that the mysterious -W has appeared as the signature of a note believed to be written by the Zog Cabal. Rumors that it is Winslow seem unfounded, but his actions have grown strange of late, and perhaps we must be fearful of his distaste for the Cabal. Perhaps it is time to find a new sage for Britain.


From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Tuesday, July 28th 1998