Lord British is Safe!

Clayton Trembell

World News

   It is a heart filled with relief that leads my hand and quill as I report to thee this night. For our Liege, Lord British hath returned safely!

Though, as I’ve heard it, he was never actually taken captive. It seems, if you believe the rumors at this point... and I do, that ‘twas actually Lord Shamino who was taken by the minions of Minax. Shamino posed as Lord British and allowed himself to be abducted. I, for one, am betting that Keeonean will be red with rage when he learns of this. Well... not that anyone would exactly notice.

Lord Shamino’s plan was to infiltrate the forces of the Dark Lady and seek as much information as he could. How he managed this as a prisoner is beyond me, but then finding my way home after a long walk is sometimes beyond me as well. Shamino somehow managed to wrest his way to freedom and made it back to Britain. From here, he was whisked away to a secret conference with Lord Britsh.

Sources close to Lord British, of which... sadly... I am not one, say that our Liege is even now conferring with Shamino about what he has learned. The expectation among those in the know seems to be that they, together with Nystul, are concocting a strategy with which to defeat Minax and send her back to where ever it is from which she has come.

Many questions remain... How did Lord Shamino escape? What information did he bring with him? What are they planning to do based on this information? What kind of food was Lord Shamino served as a prisoner of Keeonean and the Dark Mistress? I for one intend to remain and seek answers to these and many other questions.

Clayton Trembell, vowing to report again soon with more... even if he has to sneak into the castle and fight his way past the cooks and pageboys to do so.

From the Britannia News Network - The Journal of Ultima Online, March 26th, 2000.