Casting the Spell


World News

    It has been done. Months of preparation and study have finally come together in one last surge of hope for you, the people. Though the … expectations of the spell were not quite as planned, where you now stand is our New World. A better world, free from the fears wrought by the temptress, Minax.

As many may know, the minions of the dark lady have ruthlessly struck at a number of our fair cities. Vile creatures led by fanatical generals disrupted our way of life. Even our very guards, sworn to protect all, were disabled with an insidious spell that caused them to see all threats as common occurrences. Many rallied their forces to aid the good citizens, however the constant threat managed to overwhelm even their fervent vigor.

Then Trinsic fell completely. A darkened sea of undead, called forth by the black temple in the city's heart, swarmed the gates laying waste to all in its path. All walks of humanity brought valiant efforts forth, yet could not stem the tide. Always more would come, seeking; killing; destroying. With the power of the moon keys this blight eventually ended, and the temple was shattered, but the cost was very high.

Knowing this was only one small spark of light in a vast encroaching darkness, our king sought my aid in discovering a solution - a solution that would protect his citizens from what he knew was to come. One final and irrevocable. For long days and nights I searched the vaults of the castle and libraries. Mystical tomes were discarded stack by stack; scrolls tossed aside with barely a cursory glance. It began to seem an almost pointless quest until I happened across an old leather bound book tucked away in a cabinet. Many pages were decayed beyond legibility yet when coupled with what Shamino learned while a prisoner in the realm of Minax, I knew this was what I sought.

I will not lie to you when I say I was unsure as to the effects of the spell within the tome as well as the stone devices for which it called. Many of the passages offered obscure references to sealing off threats, evil, and other such stuff. But when the man dying of thirst is unsure the glass of water is safe to drink, he will do so anyway out of desperation. And I was parched.

In haste the stone obelisks were carved and placed in the cities of Britannia. Eight in all, they sat waiting for the proper words to ignite the magic they would gather. Words I myself would speak to them from the book. As you are well able to see, I made my decision and began the incantation.

I stood at the largest of the stone structures in Britain as I opened the tome and started. All over the land I could sense the other structures ignite with life and burst to the heavens above. Pure energy as I have never felt in all of my years of arcane studies tore through me; cradled me in its grasp. I pulsed with the magic, drew it into me. Then released it into the night sky. As the incantation neared completion, a moonstone fell from a pouch on my belt and landed on the ground. After a few seconds, the moonstone buried itself in the ground and an unusual looking moongate sprung into being in its place. I felt myself being drawn into the strange moongate. What occurred next is possibly beyond even the bards to put into words. The air split and shifted. In one breath I was staring into an endless torrent of light, the next I was looking over a pristine landscape. The world I had always dreamed of. Our world. With a silent roar of thunder my consciousness slid from my grasp.

I awoke to find the ancient tome no more then scattered ashes across my robe. The loss of such a vessel of knowledge made me momentarily wince in pain of loss; yet I could barely think of that in light of what I hoped had been accomplished. A hand helped me up from the ground then as a familiar voice spoke to me, "It is done." I felt elation grip me as I stared at the world around me in pride. That feeling slowly fled though as I stared upon the wistful face of my liege and friend.

It was done indeed…

- Nystul

From the Britannia News Network - The Journal of Ultima Online, April 27th, 2000.