Trolls war on Trinsic



    In news today, a very large war party of Trolls and Ogres lead by an Ogre Lord named Mauler, my sources say, attacked the main gate of Trinsic. Even the guards said they were overtaken at the size of the group and were glad for the assistance of the brave warriors and mages that came to defend the beautiful city. The battle raged on for hours, as many a warrior and troll found their way to the plain of death. The battle ended with a stand-off between the warriors and Mauler, the Ogre Lord. When Mauler fell to the sword and magic of the massive gathering, the other monsters ran in fear. As the trolls and ogres fled the field, they dropped their belongings to quicken their feet. Many a warrior went home wealthy this day.



From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Monday, March 2nd 1998