Orc relic destroyed



    Every few years the Orcs gather in large numbers to pay homage to an ancient Orc artifact. The closest translation the scribes can come up with for this artifact is "Statue of Unity". This statue, according to the books on Orc lore, is the symbol of Strength and Oneness amongst all of the Orc clans.

    The human race has been trying to discover the whereabouts of this artifact and the best way to dispose of it. The Statue seems to draw the bloodlust out of the Orcs, making them even more fierce of an enemy in combat. The Orcs have always been able to hide away their treasured artifact before any human could lay eyes on it. Not this day though...

Orc Statue, 13.9k     The Cryers received news of the Orcs festival and immediately began sending out the call of War. Many warriors who knew of these Orc gatherings were wary to pick up their sword and shield, for they knew that death, was almost eminent. The Cryers cried again, this time stating the Statue of Unity was seen at the gathering. Knowing this, the warrior's guild stated that Britannia could strike a blow to the Orcs buy destroying this fabled artifact. Mundane means could not be uses to destroy the statue... Magic it would have to be.

    Many a fool hearted warrior who sought fame a glory gated alone to the fort near shame where the Orc festival was being held. These warriors were over come by a sea or Orcs and died a quick death, their corpses a grim reminder of the improper way to battle. 'Tis known that you do not go to a battle with such a great number of foes alone. The more seasoned warriors arrived in larger groups, working together, mage healing fighter, and fighter protecting mage. They cut through the mass of raging creatures, still many a warrior fell. Fighting their way into the fort the warriors could see the statue, two Orcs, one standing on the others shoulders, both ready for combat. Brazen fires that burned as hot as the Orcs rage surrounded the statue. The mages sent forth bolt after bolt of magic attempting to destroy the statue. Fragments of the statue broke away with every attack until nothing was left but rubble. The warriors easily defeated the remaining Orcs whose fighting spirits had been dashed from the destruction of their sacred artifact.

     I personally saw a piece of the artifact from one of the fortunate warriors. What stories he shall tell in the taverns and to his loved ones about how he was there to see the Orc Statue of Unity crumble.

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Tuesday, March 24th 1998