Caravan of war supplies ambushed

Nurren Vedd Shaenor

UP: Baja

    A caravan loaded with supplies left Britain with the destination of Minoc. A destination that they did not reach. Just scant leagues from the outskirts of the king’s city, the caravan was savagely attacked. The marauders were lead by one calling himself Lord Conrad. And he was heard to rally his “Justice Guards” to the attack. The escort of the caravan fought valiantly but were far too out numbered to have any real chance of success. Such a vicious attack and supposedly in the name of “justice.”

    Hold… I am now receiving word that it was actually the caravan that sided with the unvirtuous. Apparently a highly ranked official within the virtue guards hired a band of mercenaries to transport contraband to Minoc. These supplies were gained through the sweat and blood of peasants. These peasants were asked by agents of this official to help supply the virtue guards. Rallying them with cries of “Honor” and “Virtue” the peasants worked long hours and gave everything to this official. The supplies were then to be taken to Minoc. The name of this official is as yet unknown.

    Lord Conrad discovered the doings of the virtue guard official while talking to some of the peasants. He quickly realized that their innocence and virtue was being taken advantage to further the ends of a greedy man. Lord Conrad vowed to stop the caravan and return the supplies to those who needed them most – the peasants from whom they were taken.

    A mercenary by the name of Reif led the band who defended the caravan. Though they fought fiercely, all but Reif himself were laid low. Reif cowardly ran off and abandoned his comrades when the fortunes of battle turned against them. After the fight, Lord Conrad returned to Trinsic and distributed the supplies amongst the people there.

    What exactly is happening amongst the virtue guards, and between them and Lord Conrad? Should we applaud Lord Conrad and seek the identity of the mysterious official? Is their strife or corruption deep within the virtue guards? Or is this all a case of misdirection as Conrad himself supplies a band of ruffians? Only time shall shed new light on this. I, for one, will keep an eye on these developments.


From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Saturday, April 18th 1998