Next topic for Lycaeum lectures: How to be a succesful smith

Tyyr Marqo

UP : Moonglow (Lake Superior)

    The Moonglow Lycaeum lecture series continues this Tuesday, June 30th on the Lake Superior shard with our special guest, Grandmaster Blacksmith Lady Zanne. Lady Zanne has been a longtime citizen of the Lake Superior world, working hard at her smithing skills repairing and building armour so that she eventually attained the ever-elusive rank of “Grandmaster”.

    Her rank has made her a popular figure in the land. She is constantly approached by citizens wishing to have armour made by her, and she is also a highly sought after figure for armour repairs.

    “We thought that since good blacksmiths appear to be in such demand,” said Seer Maverick, the organizer of the Moonglow Lycaeum lecture series, “that we would ask one of the best and most experienced if she wouldn’t mind sharing some tips and tricks that she has picked up along the path to becoming a grandmaster.”

    Using the established lecture series format, Lady Zanne will be giving a short speech about the things that she feels are the most important tips to being a successful blacksmith and merchant in our world. Afterwards she will entertain questions from the audience for as long as she can remain with us.

    As always, there will be a red moongate located on the second floor of the Britain Library for those who need to get to the Lycaeum. There will also be a return moongate at the Lycaeum that will be active the entire time of the lecture for those who need to return to Britain.

Topic: How To Become A Successful Blacksmith
Place: The Lycaeum in the city of Moonglow
Time: 6PM US Central Time
Shard: Lake Superior

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Tuesday, June 30th 1998