Conversationnal Britannian lecture hits the roads

Mallat Rhyquon

UP : Moonglow (Catskills)

    One of the Moonglow Lycaeum lecture series discussions traveled to another shard this weekend with the second presentation of Seer Halo’s popular “Conversational Britannian” lecture. This time the Catskills shard was host to the discussion of the proper use of “thees, thous, and general Britannian speech.”

    “Seer Halo is moving from shard to shard to share his lecture,” said Seer Maverick, the organizer of the Moonglow Lycaeum lecture series, “We hope to get in all the shards over the next few weeks. The ‘Conversational Britannian’ lecture is proving to be quite popular, and we hope to make it available to as many of the people of Britannia as possible in the coming days.”

    Attendance estimates numbered in the dozens, as participants came from all corners of the land to enrich their knowledge at the Moonglow Lycaeum. “We really seemed to have a good group,” said Seer Halo, “Our audience seemed quite focused on learning.”

    The lectures generally last about thirty to forty-five minutes, with a question and answer session lasting another thirty to forty-five minutes after that or as long as the seer’s schedule permits.

    For those just starting out in the world, or those without sufficient magery to travel, there are always permanent travel gates set up in the city of Britain’s Library and the Lycaeum itself for return travel.

    “As always, transportation to and from the Lycaeum is provided for at least the duration of the lecture, if not longer,” said Seer Maverick, “We are starting to work on permanent red moongates from the second floor of the Britain Library to the Moonglow Lycaeum and back. We really want to make the Lycaeum become a point of knowledge for our community, a place where anyone can go to gather or share knowledge about our world. We are hoping to start having great things happen in the Lycaeum. Look for it to be a source of knowledge and information in the coming months.”

    Seer Halo and Seer Maverick had hoped to travel to the Baja shard to deliver the lecture as well, but time constraints prevented the second lecture from happening. “That is all right,” said Seer Maverick, “We have been planning to bring this lecture from shard to shard slowly, so we are not concerned. We will get to the Baja shard next, and the others in succession after that.”


From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Sunday, July 5th 1998