Ogre magi ransacks valley mage shop

Marcus Yuristoc

UP: Napa Valley

    Many of the hard working magicians and alchemists that tend to the old shop, located southwest of Trinsic and nestled within a valley, were slain in a most brutal manner by what seemed to be a group of ogre magi.

    I have learned from a mage at the shop, Lyndon, who had survived the attack that these beasts were far from the normal. Lyndon was able to hide himself from the initial attack and was witness to the horrors that insued. “’Twas horrible... The beasts butchered the bodies of mine friends, and stowed them for their bloody ritual.” He then went on to describe a sort of chanting, rythmical grunting to be exact, he then heard after the ogres left for the basement of the shop.They remained down there for some time, until the people began to arrive.

    Too terrified to move from his hiding, Lyndon was able to contact a friend by magical means, and tell her of the dangers. Seer Kelley, with haste, immidietly set out for Trinsic and attempted to rally fit warriors to deal with this infestation. Word reached the town criers and soon warriors rushed by the dozens twords the valley, in hopes of eradicating these foul beings.

    Through much fighting, and unfortuanatly much death, the beasts seemed to be vanquished and no longer a threat. A final attack by the sum of the warriors was all that was needed to finally end their existance. The criers were informed and bellowed cries of victory as warriors gathered themselves after the battle, and Lyndon gathered what was left of his shop.

    Where these ogre magi originated, and if there are anymore, can only be speculated upon. Perhaps they are merely a product of power in the wrong hands, or something more sinister such as creations of magics most foul. Perhaps we shall learn in time.

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Monday, July 6th 1998