Vanishing necromancer



    Strange things have been happenings in our world of Britannia. Barratus the Necromancer has not been seen in several days. Reports say that yesterday his lair sunk back into the earth and his gravestone refilled once more. Does this mean that Barratus is gone? I feel that it is the calm before the storm.

    There are still too many questions unanswered. Who is Shara Creen? The Vile of Blood on Barratus's altar was etched with her name. What is the Life Amulet? There are many legends of a wondrous amulet that would grant life to those too far dead to resurrect. Tis just a legend? What of the Blood Rites Dagger? This artifact is the only know surviving necromancy ritual dagger from ages past. Guildmasters say that it hold extreme power and they would like to have the chance to study it further.

    We must prepare ourselves for the worst. Several people have already experienced Barratus's power first hand and say he is very Powerful , summoning the skeletons to rise and making the ground form multiple elementals at once. Not even our most powerful mages can come close to understanding such power.

    I will use all my sources to keep ye informed of any changes in events that are unfolding.


From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Monday, July 6th 1998