Wayward zookeeper returned safely

Genn Wintord

UP : Moonglow

    Moonglow – An ambitious zookeeper, Murcuria, from the Royal Zoo in Moonglow recently put herself into danger while trying to obtain some new creatures for the zoo. She had gone out in search of some harpies and intended to do what had never before been done – tame a harpy. Murcuria almost learned the hard way that harpies are not very susceptible to being tamed.

    With the shortage of animals at the zoo and the vandalism that hath been occurring there, the keepers of the Royal Zoo hath had their hands full trying to restock it. Gathering more creatures for the pens there is no small job, and keeping them safe from harm is an ongoing problem.

    Murcuria was nabbed by the harpies close to the Shrine of Sacrifice and taken a short way off to where a larger group of harpies were. While no one can be sure what they intended to do to her, there can be no doubt that it would not hath included a request to join the zoo. Harpies are violent, dangerous, and wildly unpredictable. Her fate would not have been a pretty one.

    Fortunately a brave group of adventurers fought their way through the harpies and rescued Murcuria before any harm came to her. A gate travel spell was used to bring her safely to Vesper, where she rewarded her saviors with a small amount of gold, a magic staff that summons creatures, and a kiss on the cheek. Blushing, they vaulted off in search of more harpies to fight.

    Murcuria headed back to the Moonglow and the zoo, but intends to find a way to bring harpies, among other creatures, to the zoo. Hopefully, she will eventually be successful.



From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Thursday, October 1st 1998