Stubb's Barbeque in Britain

Bella Nightshade

UP: Sonoma


    This evening after a hard night of hunting, and being a weary traveler, I went to the bank in west Britain to put some items away. Upon my arrival I heard the town crier speaking of a “Stubb’s Barbeque” and that it was just near Customs and the Butcher Shop in west Britain. Being a curious soul I decided to have a look.

    As soon as I entered the bustling place I heard a big, gusty "Howdy!" It was Stubbs herself! The smell of barbeque was in the air... and my mouth began to water! The kind woman served up some of her finest ribs and ale to me. She seemed quite busy, but in between cooking and serving up drinks she always seemed to make time for pleasant conversation. Stubb’s homemade barbeque sauce is quite unique and tangy. I wish she would share this infamous recipe! Hopefully we will be able to get it out of her someday!

    There were many people there, both warriors and non-warriors, all were welcome! Stubbs seems to love to feed everyone, and as long as ye are polite you will always be served with a smile. On her menu she had:
slabs of bacon, legs of lamb, chicken legs, ribs, various dessert types, ale, wine, and liquor (for the teetotalers she had water and milk).

    She is quite the kind lady, and always wants to make sure ye are full before you go out adventuring again that is for sure, almost a mom figure! I surely hope to see Stubbs in the city of Britain again. It was quite an enjoyable visit, and I would love to bring my friends and family back again for more. Thank you Stubbs for your mouth watering homemade barbeque, it was a delicious treat and I know I’ll certainly be returning for seconds!

    - -Bella Nightshade


From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Thursday, January 7th 1999