Nissa taken captive

Bella Nightshade

UP: Pacific


    I am glad to present that Nissa was saved late last eve from the horrid Elder Gazers that had taken her captive. Their powers were holding poor Miss Nissa so that she was unable to move. As soon as the town criers heard of this news, they began making the announcement that Nissa was in danger.

    The gazers had taken Nissa to the middle of the maze! They conjured up some friends to guard the maze’s outskirts to make sure many could not come bother them, or were they there to scavenge what they could!?

    It was said that when a warrior stepped inside the door he heard the gazers arguing over their “tasty morsel”! Poor Nissa! Thank goodness she was saved. The brave warriors were : The Illustrious Sikich and The Kind WickedWayz. Thank you gentlemen. It was noted that you were there quite swiftly. If ye may had been much later, Nissa may not have survived. We appreciate the safe rescue of Nissa. Thank you again and Hail!

    - -Bella Nightshade


From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Friday, January 8th 1999