Terror in the Trinsic swamps

Leora Vale

UP: Sonoma

    The evil Zando the Mage stood, seemingly unaware of the crowd quickly surrounding him in the swamps outside Trinsic. At first wary, Zando became increasingly hostile in his demands for them to leave him be. Many refused, and some ran, only to return with reinforcements. With chants and waves of his hands, he summoned a multitude of slimes to do his evil bidding. These were no ordinary slime as the swamp filled with a sickly green glow, with many falling ill to the fields of poisonous light. The battle was close, as many failed, however eventually the heroes did prevail and make safe our lands once again. Specualtion abounds, however. What was he doing there and what would have happened if he were able to escape? Further inquiries were made upon the nature of Zando's motives, yet he is nowhere to be found, nor are any of his works.

    The green pentagram was taken in for further examination.


From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Thursday, January 14th 1999