Talking parrot in Skara Brae!

Seer Rhykan

UP: Pacific

    Skara Brae, the home of the Ranger's guild, was recently visited by a strange individual indeed. This fellow, although rather short and greenish, proved to be a wonderful addition to the town's atmosphere, if only for a day. This individual was a parrot, and his name was Ale. He resided, for that day, in the Farmer's Market, with his owner, Piku. The citizens of Skara Brae first spotted Ale when he rushed - - flew, rather, to the Skara Brae bank. There, Ale began to speak aloud - - yes, speak! - - informing the citizens of Skara Brae of his need for their assistance. Apparently, someone had snuck into their home at night and stolen a box of precious jewels from Piku. After several minutes, a good search party had been aquired ; they began their search on the mainland portion of Skara Brae, at the nearby 'tavern,' Joh's Creb Sheck. Suddenly, a fellow in bone armor jolted past. Ale recognized him, and the adventurers broke into pursuit. They cornered this odd suspect in a small abandoned building - - he claimed to know of no jewels, and blamed everything on a fellow named Triden.

    The adventurers, knowing a clue when given one, immediately fanned out and attempted to find Triden. Very soon, Triden was discovered, and the jewels recovered from his cold corpse. The box was returned to Piku, and all involved were given a hefty reward. Those who inquired as to whether or not they would ever see Ale again were told that a fellow named Zemaj Taldor may very well become Ale's new owner, but the transaction has not yet been confirmed.

    All in all, the events that forepassed gave all a reward, both literal and spiritual. I return now, however, to my hallowed halls of learning.

    -Seer Rhykan


From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Friday, January 22nd 1999