On with the show

Deborah the Scribe

UP: Lake Superior

    Jhelom -

"t’equipment ‘s all beaten up ‘n broken down!"
"’ere’s not enough money for ale!"
"’e’s downright cruel!"

    The words flew through the air harsh and cold, the reality even worse, according to the gladiators standing outside the Jhelom arena.

    This reporter followed them and hid nearby, sensing a tale to be told later.

    The gladiators decided to launch a protest in lieu of the evening’s scheduled activity at the Jhelom fighting pit.

    “’enuff’s ‘enuff I say!” was one of the familiar cries, as they marched to the northern island, taking refuge in one of the small buildings.

    A while later after the scheduled time of the event had passed, the scholar known as Seer Bastet came upon the scene, riding her steed with a warrior in tow to survey the situation. No doubt she had heard they were holed up on the northern island, protesting. The two then quickly disappeared upon spying the gladiators.

    Moments later, others arrived, to challenge the rebelling fighters.

    After a short time, blue gates appeared with folks pouring through the blue glow who had rallied to the cause of putting down the gladiators. Many fell on all sides, and quickly.

    One of the gladiators, when ressurected, quickly attempted to gain support of the crowd to no avail. The crowd itself seemed divided upon slaying Borden on the spot, or letting him be. Several of them attempted to talk to Borden, to reason with him and show him the error of his ways. Eventually those sympathetic to the gladiators’ cause attacked Borden, but he escaped easily.

    When contacted the next morning about the slaughter of his former employees and his future plans, Borden the owner, replied, “Why my plans are quite simple, hire new fighters.”

    The show must go on.


From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Tuesday, January 26th 1999