Merchants attacked in mountain pass

Jerrith the Sage

UP: Drachenfels

    A large merchant caravan on its way to Lord British’s castle never showed in Britian today. Hours after the scheduled arrival, Lord British’s guards issued a call to arms to help find and protect the Merchants. Looking over the cities merchant logs showed that the caravan would have been heading through the mountain pass near the dungeon shame. This area is known for orc raiding parties, and there have been several warnings of a rogue group of evil mages roaming the pass.

    Shortly after the call to arms went out, there was word that the mountain pass had been barricaded off and bodies could be seen lying in the road. The Adventurers took up arms and headed to the mountain pass, taking the back roads to bypass the Orc fort the adventurers hit the pass. Stopped dead in their tracks by crazed mages and a blockade made of rubble and barrels left from the wreckage of the caravan, the adventurers fought a great battle. Magic flew through the air, one spell after another, as Adventurer and Evil mage fell.

    The merchants lay dead in the road, none left to speak of this terrible ordeal. Rage in their hearts, the adventurers rallied and swept clean through the last of the mages. After which, they gathered up all the merchant supplies to return them to Britain.

    On arrival in the city, heads hung low for the loss of the merchants. Lord British, caring more for the loss of his people, gave the supplies to those that helped try to save the caravan.

    The city of Britain thanks thee for thy efforts.


From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Thursday, April 8th 1999