Georg the Stylist

Gilbert Von Deen

UP: Britannia

    Georg the Stylist visited Occlo recently and styled people's hair for free. The flamboyant Georg is usually known for doing the coiffeurs of Britannia’s elite. There are rumors that he is thinking of establishing a permanent salon open to the public.

    Deborah Gan’Dov, a minor noble from Trinsic, told this reporter that Georg is getting bored with styling hair for royalty. Well the nobles loss is our gain! I for one hope the rumors are true.

    Georg only stayed around to do a few people’s hair. Dr KillyaDed of Britain was one citizen who was very upset that Georg had left. “I waited for an hour to get a goatee then he just books, this sucks.”

    It seems that Georg became upset by the unruly crowds. According to Stella of Yew, he left in a “huff.”

    Georg has a reputation of being very temperamental, but he is reportedly the finest stylist in the land.

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Wednesday, April 14th 1999