Sheep slaughtered by unknown creature!

P. E. Necil

UP: Great Lakes

Daisy and her dead sheep

    Daisy of Yew, sheepherder of the stable in Yew, found to her distress that a large number of her loveable sheep art murdered by some foul creature! Aye, luck dictated that I was nearby. Hearing her cries of distress, I ran up to the lass. And saw the scene of horror! Aye...bodies spread all over the pen. Most sheep eaten, a large number just ripped apart! What kind of creature would do this terrible act? The town guards investigating the crime scene were puzzled. Yew is afraid that more attacks may occur. Trevor the captain of the guards was overheard saying: “ Aye, we will just send a few more guards out the coming nights, then the good peasants can sleep a wee bit”.

    I just wanted to add one wee thing. Art the blue scales near the crime scene related? Mayhaps…

    Ever seen a blue animal? Not me, unless some fish perchance.

    I will keep me eyes peeled for ye readers. Watch ‘tis column.


From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Thursday, April 15th 1999