Rogue mages assault Vesper

Ian Gallant

UP: Baja

    A large force of mages, leading a huge constiuent of orcs and ogres, were thwarted in an attempt to besiege Vesper late yesterday evening by local fighters and mages.

    Several invaders penetrated the city, overrunning the Vesper city guards. While the local forces did their best to fend off the assault, the cry went out for additional forces.

    Scores of Britannia's denizens took up the call to arms, and proceeded to first drive out the forces, then eliminate the threat of the mage army altogether.

    "I had no idea we had this many good men and women ready to lay down their lives for our good land," boasted one proud farmer who was nearly beaten to death. "This is a tribute to all and cause for celebration!"

    While the driving force behind the mage army was undetermined, the point was clear: Britannia must be aware of this group as a real threat.


From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Friday, April 16th 1999