Orcs at Bucs

Bella Nightshade

UP: Pacific

    Hail to thee fellow travelers! This evening as I was standing in town I heard word of an orc ship in Buccaneer’s Den trying to take the island over. Hearing this I rushed there to help rid of these evil subhumans. In my amazement, there was quite an army. Thank goodness there were other brave warriors at the scene battling already. It was a long and gruseome battle for the orcs. The citizens of Britannia were standing strong to protect this island. Never seeing an orc army like this before, I was made curious to see who was leading this large squad. Right as I went to go seek out the docks, Captain Ugluk came running by taunting " Humies! This is my isle! You not have! I take over with army!" Ugluk looked extremely strong, many attacked this fearsome beast and then Ugluk ran off. We all started to battle once again to rid of his army to defeat them. Finally, making way to the docks, Ugluk sailed up with more of his army. What a sight! Captain Ugluk the orc and his crew! Warriors immediately started attacking the crewmembers. One by one they fell and last Ugluk stood on his boat alone looking quite startled. At first Ugluk stood there yelling at all the warriors that he was still strong, they attacked, he then started to sail off. The warriors decided to hear the Captain out to see what doings he was up to. He admitted to wanting to control Buccaneer’s Den with his army and to then move on to Trinsic. He warned the warriors that he would return once again when he was finished rebuilding his army and then move on from there. Be weary travelers, this captain made his way off in his boat and is now building up again. Who knows when he shall try again!

    Bella Nightshade,



From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Saturday, April 17th 1999