Skara Brae spring bazaar

Bella Nightshade

UP: Pacific

    Hail fellow merchants of Britannia.

    The great Spring Bazaar of Skara Brae was going on last eve. It was quite an event. There were many merchants serving those of their interests. The city was in full bloom and just beautiful. Quite an exciting day! Being an avid shopper myself I went around to the merchants to see what I was able to find. In doing so, I found an area for blacksmithing and weapon making.

    Celtain Britain was the smith at the time I arrived. Very polite lad indeed and his craftsmanship are wonderful! Also around there was a carpenter, Ogie Treechomp, selling his well-crafted furniture. An inscriber by the name of Sardel selling scrolls, which are much, needed by those who practice magery and those of little magery. Dameon and Angela had some wonderful uniques at their small area and Jasper Coins was the local travel agent with runes for sale for every area you could consider. Mu-lan was also there keeping our bellies full cooking different types of food as well.

    There were contests going on in the midst of all this buying and selling also. The contests that I was able to hear and know of were of fishing, pie making, archery at the Ranger’s Hall, horse races, blacksmithing, and a sailing race! There was much excitement indeed for Skara Brae this weekend. If you are interested in seeing wonderful flowers and trees in bloom, Skara Brae is the place to visit for the time being. In my roaming, I bumped into one of the people who helped coordinate this. She was walking around making sure all areas were doing as well as they could be. Hail Stella Maris for bringing the community together in celebration of spring!

    Bella Nightshade



From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Sunday, April 18th 1999