Rainbow mage takes control of Trinsic


UP: Drachenfels

    "Silence! You weak pathetic excuse for a man. How dare thee even question me” the leader of the Rainbow Mage whispered harshly as he held a glowing dagger to the throat of the guard. “ I have your assurance that the guards will not attack my brothers as we work our magics upon Trinsic? Isn’t that right? Thy purse is well lined with gold for thy spineless deed” the mage said while smiling smugly. The guard shook his head in agreement as he gasped for air and examined his throat for blood. “If thou cross me I shall cut thee down in fiery light, I have very little patience for dishonesty. Be gone, and ready for my brothers arrival” the mage stated as he opened the gate for the traitorous guard. “ I cannot trust that oaf of a guard any further than I can throw him. I will use my powers to lull the guards into a waking dream. There they will not see Trinsic fall around their heads.” the mages thinks to himself as he readies for his victory.

    Trinsic, the city that rest on the southern region on Britannia hustles and bustles at it’s usual pace. Travelers come and go to sell their wares and buy their goods as they would any other day, but this is not just any other day. A Strange portal opens just outside the gates of this fair city. Four figures walk through the gate as it closes behind them. “ Go now brothers and ready thyselves. I will need to draw from thy powers as I cast the spell to sleep the guards. Once this occurs we will strike Trinsic with swift and deadly force. We shall be victorious” Vallin the leader of the Rainbow Mage says as they step through Trinsic’s gates.

    A strange pinkish glow can be seen slowly covering Trinsic’s sky and the smell of magic grows ever stronger. Being ever observant the town cryers attempt to alert the guards, but to no avail the guards stand and smile broadly as they lean on their halberds as if day dreaming. Now panicked, the cryers dispatched messengers to the other cities to call for aid. No soon does this happen that the streets begin to crack as the undead push their way through the cobbles stone and grasp for the nearest living flesh. Hundreds upon hundreds fill the streets as the merchants and pesents are cut down in their wake. Warriors make a brave stand, but cannot hold them back and must retreat until reinforcements arrive.

    Steel upon bone, bone upon flesh, and the battle slams through the streets that were once heavily protected. Several warriors notice a strangely clad mage surrounded in the pinkish glow. The warriors attack, to their surprise the mage stands his ground as the blows lightly skim off his robe as if a child were playing them. Spell after spell the Warriors withstand as they finally break the mages concentration and take him down. Noticing that the glow over the Trinsic sky has lessened with the loss of this mage the warriors tell the cryers to alert the others of this knowledge.

    Two other mages were also found and killed but Vallin escaped somehow. The streets, still filled with the undead cleared rapidly as the spell over the guards was lifted and they enforced their deadly justice.


From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Tuesday, April 20th 1999