Mongbats everywhere!

Gilbert Von Deen

UP: Britannia

    For reasons unknown, the mong bat population has increased dramatically around the dungeon Covetous. Alfred of Yew, a ranger in the town’s employ had this to say. “Well it ‘tis Spring and them mong bats are fast breeders. Me guess is not enough people are hunting them and this has caused what ye might call a population explosion.”

    It took a large group of Britain citizens to quell this recent out break of mong bat activity. Gallen, a mercenary making his home outside of Skara Brae, said “We keep cutting them down and they kept a coming. I lot count of the number of those buggers I killed. It must have been over fifty and when I left they were still fighting them.”

    According to Alfred the only thing to prevent this occurring again is to continually hunt mong bat. “that way ye keep there numbers low.”


From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Sunday, May 2nd 1999