A pilgrimage is made!

Solomon Dryth

UP: Pacific

    The Shrine of Justice, located a short distance to the northeast of the ranger’s city of Yew, was the target of an awesome sight today ; a contingent of men and women of all draws of life, each carrying a crook, wearing a humble robe, with the most secure of looks in their eyes. Two particular individuals stood out in this crowd : the first, a hooded man who’s robe was lined with gold, and who’s color matched that of the forest around him. The other, a man sitting high on horseback, donning the finest of golden chainmail. A packhorse followed happily a few yards behind him.

    “It was an amazing thing to behold,” one farmer from Yew said. “All them in those funny robes of theirs. I sure hope they’s made it.” The pilgrimage, which started from Zemaj Taldor’s shop in Skara Brae, consisted of the carrying of a magnificent weapon to the Shrine of Justice, where it was to be blessed, and left there for all to gaze upon. This weapon, named ‘The Golden Sword of Justice,’ still lays there now. At the shop, the hooded figure showed the sword to all, before placing the weapon into the afore-mentioned packhorse, and stating that the journey shall begin.

    Sir Troyan, the man whom wore the chainmail of gold, was to be the one performing the ceremony of blessing. He, the last of a long line of Justice-followers, was known to be the most dedicated follower of Justice in Britannia. Many hardships faced this loyal crowd en route to the Shrine ; several small armies of orcs appeared from their hoves to strike at the crusaders, who fought bravely, and moved on with ease. Murderers appeared at a point during the adventure, and true Justice was delivered to those who dared attack. A herd of cows made their way across the road at the mid-way point, followed by a small group of mongbats, which the lesser warriors struck down with ease.

    “The cows were the funniest part,” one warrior said. “They came out of nowhere, and a few people just laughed, then we moved on.” Finally, the crusaders arrived at the Shrine. The ceremony began after a short interlude by Sir Troyan. The adventurers chanted the mantra of the Shrine ; Beh. Suddenly, a creature who’s existance was thought to be only legend appeared : The Crying One, a huge plant-like creature. It rained destruction from it’s vile branches, but it was defeated without fatality by the loyal followers of Sir Troyan.

    Following the defeat of the Crying One, the Shrine lit up with the glory of the appearance of an angel—The Angel of Justice, the ghost of Sir Troyan’s oldest ancestor. She appeared, in her magnificent beauty, and thanked those present for defeating the fiend and putting her soul to rest. Much fame was recieved by those who assisted by the Angel of Justice, and a ring was given to Sir Troyan, which he wears happily to this day.

    “It represents my ancestors fallen,” Sir Troyan claims. “It’s a part of my heritage, and I’ll treasure it always.” The Angel disappeared shortly therafter, and the crowd returned to their homes, content in the knowledge that they had just aided in one of the most prominent adventures in Britannia to this day.


From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Wednesday, May 5th 1999