Pizza delivery returns to Britain!

Bob of Skara Brae

UP: Napa Valley

    T' was an interesting day for those young at heart and full of spirit this day, when "Star's Pizza Delight" was re-opened to deliver more pizzas to the hungry citizens of Britain! Star informed the Town Criers of her desire for delivery-folks, and instantly several arrived! These quick-footed individuals brought pizzas to many different fellows across Britain, including mages and even Lords!

    "I don't know what I'd do without this service," Kelon said, in between chapters of a book he was reading in the mage's tower. "I'm always too busy in my research to leave the tower for food. Thank goodness for Star's Pizza Delight!"

    Even the local guards got into the frenzy - - two guards ordered three pizzas between themselves. "Mrrrpmh Fmmph Drugmgmghh," commented Lord Solomon. "Mmhpmh Yhmhmhph - - *gulp* - - Star's Pizza!"

    The deliverypersons were given a sum of 250 coins for each pizza, plus any tip given to them by the recipients; everyone walked away profiting. "I just love those little youngun’s," said Star. "They're so adorable and willing to help all the time!" She smiled a broad smile, then packed up her pizza-dough for the day and headed back to her home. I sure hope we see her again sometime.


From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Wednesday, May 5th 1999