Order guards in Trinsic?

Genn Wintord

UP: Catskills

    Although there has been very little public news concerning the aftermath of the happenings at Cove following the arrest of Tristen Drepler, apparently General Valek has been busy behind the scenes. Lieutenant Wendell, the man responsible for the arrest of Pt. Drepler, has been dispatched to Trinsic along with his assigned court mage and several Order Guards. The men were first seen in the Trinsic area during a local market and have been seen throughout town since that time asking questions concerning the happenings in Trinsic in the past few weeks. Since General Valek has not yet been seen within Trinsic, it is not yet apparent what authority his subordinates have in this area.


From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Friday, May 14th 1999