Desert creatures swarm on Nujel'm

Gilbert Von Deen

UP: Britannia

    Nujel’m was the site of a strange attack this eve. Giant scorpions and spiders roamed the streets attacked all they passed, the thundering steps of earth elementals could be heard for blocks around, and strangest of all where the efreets. These dark red beasts struck with both mighty fists and fierce magic. They murdered many before the combined might of Britannia’s heroes managed to kill them.

    The Nujel’m guard seemed overwhelmed by this attack. They stood by in horror as their city was attacked. Finally they responded, but by then the fight was mostly over.

    Once was the day when the citizens could walk safe in all Britannia’s streets. Those days seem very distant.


From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Saturday, May 22nd 1999