The ice creatures come

Deborah the Scribe

UP: Lake Superior

    It was, to say the least, brutal horror in the middle of Minoc last week. The screams of many filled the air, first in surprise as the ice creatures appeared, then again as the snakes wrapped themselves around people and choked the life from them. Corpses littered the street in front of the bank. No mercy was shown upon these creatures as they continued their destruction. Waves of volunteers rushed in, from Trinsic's concerned volunteers to the rangers of Skara Brae to help quench the tide of ice and frost monsters. Many of them fell before the creatures were driven back towards the ice caves entrance in retreat.

    One of the town criers recuperating from the dreadful attack commented from a secluded corner in the healer's, "'tis 'orrible. They be far from 'ome, ye know."

    Although several members of the High Council were spotted at the scene, unfortunately none could be reached by press time for comment about the situation.

    A couple nights later, a poetry event was disrupted outside Yew. At the Silver Arrow Tavern, patrons were enjoying an evening filled with tales of drama, comedy, and rhyme until spiders, snakes, and snow elementals marched upon the area, in thick waves. Several brave mages and warriors fell, but the crowd emerged victorious over the attackers.

    The same creatures, different locations. A warning, a sign, perhaps? In the middle of spring a bitter chill fills the air, and yet no one at this point knows why.


From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Monday, May 24th 1999