A mad wizard attacked the Lycaeum

Gilbert Von Deen

UP:  Baja

    The Lycaem was the site of a deadly attack this eve. A dark wizard calling himself Chichiri the Insane summoned an army of elementals and lay siege to Britannia’s capitol of learning. Many heroes died in the quest to rid the Lycaeum of this menace.

    “He kept saying how he was going to free the knowledge,” said Moortan Bloodstone a warrior making his home in Trinsic. “He was mighty powerful and it took many of us to bring him down.”

   When the heroes finally prevailed over the evil mage the Moonglow guards arrived and cleared out the remaining elementals. When questioned on why they did nothing to stop Chichiri, the guards all had no comment.


From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Wednesday, May 26th 1999