Cove under siege!

Gilbert Von Deen

UP: Great Lakes, Baja

    The small town of Cove was attacked by a huge orcish army. Arriving from their fort in to the south, they over powered the meager city guard and killed all those on the streets. Luckily word got out before they had the town completely sealed. The town criers carried the tale of the siege in every town in Britannia and heroes from the world over came to quell this mighty invasion.

    Many lives where lost and a few orcs of a darker skin color and wielding mighty powers lead the charge against our brave heroes. Yet our heroes withstood their blows and fought back bravely. Their bravery paid off and the orcs in Cove were defeated. The warriors then followed the fleeing enemy to their own fort!

    Not an orc was left standing in the fort when Britannia’s finest warriors where through with them.


From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Saturday, May 29th 1999