High Council and the Gelidum go head to head

Deborah the Scribe

UP: Lake Superior

    Tis the season for an odd ball and stick game the children like to call baseball, and apparently the adults of governmental bodies like to play it as well. Despite the cold weather, two of the bodies heavilly associated as of late with the ice attacks upon our fair lands have hurled statements at each other, although it must be noted the Gelidum's approach is far, far more violent and extreme in their message.

    First up, the Gelidum froze the Shrine of Justice to the screams of protest of all that surrounded it in an elaborate and confusing ceremony using spells unheard of by the common mage, continuing a confusing reign of terror.

    Your time draws to a close, warm ones... soon you shall all call Glacia master and know what justice truly is.

    While Glacia is generally thought to be an uninhabited frozen wasteland by many a scholar, it would appear to the common eye that there is more life up there, and intelligent life at that, than originally thought.

    Many theories abound upon the meaning of this note. A meeting was held recently in Minoc to discuss this and apparent developments in Nujehl'm. "The note indicates justice, and that we have an improper understanding of it. Thus the person or group feels a need to rectify the situation. Normally these feelings are the result of some wrong. Judging from the scale of what has occured thusfar, what is perceived as a wrong must be great."

    Unfortunately the reporter in attendance was unable to catch the name of this wise Lord who shared his insight due to the low hum of chatter surrounding the audience, a fact magnified greatly by the odd shape of the building.

    Oddly absent in attendance was the notable Seer Bastet, who has taken an interest in these recent events and was sighted at the Shrine of Justice last weekend, no doubt examining the damage. It appears not even she can stand near the frozen ankh without suffering, as a sharp cry of pain was heard and she backed away quickly.

    In a surprisingly rapid move, the High Council of Britannia stepped up to the plate and responded quickly to the attack upon the Shrine of Justice with a statement requesting a meeing with the leaders of the Gelidum. This statement was issued to many of the local press on Tuesday, and a copy made its way to Occlo, where this reporter resides. Part of the note follows:

    We ask that a meeting be set in which both, the Council of Glacia or "Gelidum" and the representatives of the Kingdom of Britannia can discuss this misunderstanding between our peoples. Through a peaceful talk we can discuss these perceived wrongs we have done to each other, and possibly find a way for us to turn our mistrust into respect, and create a future inwhich we all can live out our lives peacefully and in harmony.

    We demand however that before these talks take place, that the Shrine of Justice be thawed and returned to its normal state and that all further attacks upon Cities of Britannia cease.

    Gelidum? It's your move.

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Friday, June 30th 1999