The Gelidum plays ball: The response to the High Council

Deborah the Scribe

UP: Lake Superior

    Mere hours after the response upon the Justice Shrine attack from the High Council (see related article), we received a message covered in snow and ice, apparently from the Gelidum. It speaks of other ''warm ones" (humans, perhaps?) who already serve them.

    The Town Cryer will post this message in its entirety, unlike the previous ones.

High Council of Britannia:

You speak bravely for warm ones, however you have no power with which to bargain. We have raided your cities of Minoc, Yew, Vesper, and Magincia. Your shrine to that which you call Justice sits frozen and lifeless, and so it shall stay.

We have only begun to show you and the rest of the warm ones Justice, and other lessons are soon to follow. Perhaps if your kind is as strong as it likes to think some of you will survive to live in the new world. If not, then those of the warm ones that already serve us shall herald a new age for your kind.

The idea of a meeting with the government of the warm ones amuses us. Watch to the skys for a second message from us. Then shall you learn of the meeting place and time.

The Gelidum

    What do these "warm ones" know? What would make them turn against others of their kind and serve what is possibly the largest threat to face our lands since the escapades of the fallen Followers of the Armageddon?

    Sounds like the ball's still being held by the Gelidum, and for now the rest wait anxiously for their turn at bat.


From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Thursday, July 1st 1999