Delivery holds chilling surprise

Deborah the Scribe

UP: Lake Superior

    In the quiet of the afternoon, a whizzing of a knife landing in the door distrupted many a reporter here in our offices. While this sort of thing happens on occasion here, witnesses claim a figure suspected to be a female in an ice blue outfit threw this knife, turned into the form of an ice wyrm, and vanished before they could stop it. Upon unrolling the note, the two objects were brought before me.

The note reads as follows:

Warm ones, The Gelidum has responded to your meeting request previously. Information will be provided exactly two days beforehand.

We have heard of restless spirits with thoughts of revenge. Cease thy prattle or you shall be laid to rest permanently alongside the ones you wish to threaten. It would be foolish to mock the Gelidum further.

The Gelidum does not rely on ghosts to carry our messages. Why should we when there are others willing to serve our cause in forms more “acceptable” to you?
    Word travels quickly to the northern iced regions of Glacia, apparently. According to UO Stratics, a ghost claiming to be a representative of Glacia recently materialized at the Silver Arrow Tavern, not once, but twice. Clearly this note is a warning to them to cease their actions, for apparently they do not speak on behalf of the Gelidum. The form of delivery is consistent with the little boy who delivered the first note from the Gelidum, and as such the Town Cryer has no reason to doubt the validity of this note. The knife further underlines the severity of the tone of the message.

    While the first paragraph clearly refers to the recent four city attack in which ice wyrms carried the initial meeting message (the meeting is set for the 21st of this month, no time or location is set), it is unclear what they refer to by “others willing to serve our cause” in the last paragraph. Since they apparently are not these ghosts lurking about the taverns and halls, are these “others” soon to appear? Or are they already among us?

    A chilling thought for a summer afternoon.

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Monday, July 12th 1999