Jailbreak surprise at Yew prison

Deborah the Scribe

UP: Lake Superior

    Proving the theory the Gelidum (the party responsible for the icing over of not one, but three different shrines across the land) has sources everywhere, last night saw the return of the Gelidum vs. just-about-everyone in a showdown at Yew prison. The action was fast and furious as the Gelidum appeared to be involved in a jailbreak of the high profile evil figure known only as "the Shadow", and Kate, believed to be one of the Gelidum's spies. While the Shadow has been languising in prison for weeks, Kate was arrested a mere two nights before being rescued from the dank and dismal and not-very-secure cells in Yew. Whether the dual breakout was intentional or not, it definitely was the result as the Gelidum emerged victorious once again.

    Observers report the scene at the Yew Prison as a madhouse. Gelidum allies showed up in force, as well as virtuous defenders determined to prevent the escape of the prisoners. The air was thick and the crowd was tense. Frost spiders, ice elementals, and trolls filled the outside making escape a perilous journey. The monsters appeared to only be a diversion as an icy moongate appeared in the hallway to lead the prisoners away. Tragically, no one seemed to be able to hop through the gate in time (despite the fact the gate appeared not once but twice in front of someone) except for the prisoners who zipped through the crowd, leading many to wonder afterwards just where the gates led.

    Arriving on the scene was a group from Skara Brae, fresh from their town meeting. Ironically, the attack interrupted a large scale debate about how to handle the Gelidum and insure Skara Brae's future safety. Oddly, despite the town's avid sports afficionados, no one recommended challenging the human (or what appears to be human) members of the Gelidum to a "Clash" match vs. the Skara Brae Seadogs.

    The town council did note during the meeting, however, that the Silver Arrow outside Yew still remains periously in danger, due to its location by the Justice Shrine, first of the Shrines frozen. The Gelidum appears to have no artistic appreciation, as many of the attacks in the area have occured during or after poetry events sponsored by the elven community. Mindful of these observations, Councilwoman Buffy's report on upcoming activities did not appear to have bardic events planned for Skara Brae's event calendar at this time. Apparently this is part of security strategy against these poetry-hating ice monsters. None of the council appeared to object.

    The High Council and members of the High Court could not be reached for comment regarding the security breach on what appears to be an inside job.

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Friday, August 13th 1999