Wanderings of the mind and body

Sarrah Sirruleane

UP: Napa Valley

    I know... I know what you are going to ask, "Where the heck has she been?" Well to tell the truth, just about everywhere and yet it seems like I have gone nowhere. I have walked far and wide across our realm to get just one more peak at that magnificent dragon, but like Tarina Faa, it looks like I had better just wait it out. I have not seen one blue scale. Maybe I will get lucky and he will just show up like he did last time. You would not believe some of the bruises I got on my backside after I fell off that log the last time he showed up. Oh, the one thing I did find out that the dragon is called Katazar.

    During my meandering and wandering around the realm, I have had much time to think about the puzzle that the dragon and Tarina have lain before us... Tarina and the dragon appeared for the first time at around the same time... a coincidence? Maybe... but I think they are tied together in some mystic way that has yet to be played out. And I aim to stick around to find out where this is going... even if I have to be noisy again to find out!

    On to other ramblings...

    Seems the inside of Tarina's house is finished, actually it has been for a bit from what I heard. She moved in a while ago but since I only recently returned to Britain I had not heard the news. The place looks incredible, though a little too much red for my taste. I tried to sneak in and get a better look at the place (beside what I can see through the windows) but she had a house full of guests - people coming and going till all hours. Quite a group too from what I saw, Elwind Thorne, LeeLu, Raven, and Timothy, even the reporter Rocko Spoogee was there, and there were still others about. Quite a guest list!

    I hear she has also taken to reading Tarot cards for a mere 10 gold a reading. My goodness Tarot? What a bunch of hogwash, it is just a bunch of pretty pictures on cards so how the heck can they tell the future. Skeptical? Me? Definitely and I would not have it any other way. I can't believe there are folks who would listen to that drivel, much less pay for it and at such a cheap price I bet the readings are scripted too. Ah well, to each their own I always say... but Tarot. Bah!

    Other good rumors! That darned blue dragon has been searching, it seems, for some gargoyles... up to no good I would imagine, though gargoyles always seem to be up to something. Though from what I have heard Katazar is very concerned because the gargoyles are being so secretive, and it has been hard for him to find out what he needs to know to decipher their schemes. I even heard that he has... of all things… asked us humans to help find more information! Truly an amazing thing after the stories of random attacks on the poor creature by residents of our realm - shame on the folks that attack everything that walks in our realm – including rare blue dragons that bring mysteries and a promise of adventure! I would hope Katazar and those helping him can find out the truth in time or it could be even worse this time.

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Sunday, August 25th 1999