Happenings on the great northern road entrance to Britain

Sarrah Sirruleane

UP: Napa Valley

    I knew when I first saw that gypsy, Tarina Faa, wandering the streets of Britain looking for the place that would eventually become her home, that things would never be the same around this town. Ever since she got here things have not been the same.

    I admit, she did do a great job fixing up that house of hers. It looks wonderful. Flowers, all tidy, even a sheep pen out back. Though how she ever keeps sheep in it with all of those hooligans using them for target practice I will never know.

    I have been keeping an eye on that place lately and I must say the kinds of folks that that woman has in her house, the horror! Unsavory types, rude folks, not to mention a ghostly murderer along with all of the polite and honorable folks traipsing in and out. That woman does have a wide variety of visitors - even drunks seem to frequent the place on occasion.

    A short while back, the comings and goings at the place at all hours was a sight to behold. Folks running in and out, hollering, meeting with this gypsy till the wee hours of the morn. With all of this noise I was able to hear what all of the fuss was about.

    It seems some frightened gargoyles were discovered in remote areas of the realm and there was an all out search to see if others could be found. Folks were running all over the place - gates were being created, folks were using spells willy-nilly to transport themselves anywhere they thought another gargoyle might be found. After they were found... four all together I heard... then folks started running around trying to find a book. A dictionary I think or someone who could translate gargish. Funny that, gargoyles speaking gargish of all things! It was so funny I almost fell out of the tree I was hiding in!

    I have yet to find out what the gargoyles said - in gargish or otherwise- but I have a very reliable source on the trail of this information and I will publish it once I have it all... and have no fear, I do have someone who knows a bit of gargish to translate.

    As for other interesting goings on...

    Katazar himself flew by Tarina's home the other day. Seems since his visit that gypsy has not been feeling so well though. Every time words of magic are spoken the poor girl seems to faint dead away. I kind of feel a bit sorry for her with that one must be hard with folks using magic like it was water these days. Ah well.

    Though I have also heard that since his visit, she cannot seem to read the tarot cards either. Thank goodness, one eve she had a wee talk to some few folks right under the tree I was hidden in or I would have missed that bit of news! Now that is one art I do not mind having lost, since 'tis my personal feeling the Tarot is a bunch of hogwash and mirrors anyway. Folks to not need to be misguided by silly cards, they do a good enough job on their own.

    Ah well, I am off to hunt down some more good stories... I have heard another wonderful rumor about a new resident in Moonglow, Alae something or other. Looks like some more interesting goings on in the realm!

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Friday, September 17th 1999